Why Move to Dubai?

If you are thinking about taking a short break to Dubai to see what it is really like make sure you bring your briefcases as well, as you probably will never want to leave. Dubai is not only a land of beauty and fabulous real estate developments but an exciting destination that is thriving and attracting many new businesses.

Dubai shot to popularity across the globe several years ago due to it's fantastic and legendary, unique real estate developments. Among the most notable have been the Palm Jumeirah, the Trump International Hotel and the awe inspiring Dubai World which is a group of man made islands that resemble the countries of the world and have been available to purchase as private islands or to develop into resorts. This just barely scratches the surface, though you can rest assured where ever you stay you can find luxurious 5 star accommodations and first class service and at a far more affordable rate than many other destinations.

However the property market here is just the tip of the iceberg for booming businesses. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) have positioned themselves perfectly to attract new business and industries and Dubai has been heralded as the future financial center of the world, surpassing New York and London. The recent economic troubles in other countries have made Dubai even more attractive and offers a haven not only from taxes but a high quality lifestyle that if it could even be experienced elsewhere would be many times more expensive. Dubai has also made relocating here a breeze with easy residency requirements. In fact just purchasing a property here qualifies you to apply for residency.

As a tax free zone there are no personal or corporate income taxes which mean even more businesses will continue to relocate here and do business through Dubai, building on the great reputation and opportunities that can be had here. The UAE have dedicated themselves to being forward thinking and proactive to attract visitors, businesses and new residences. Instead of sitting back and relying on it's abundance of oil and gold Dubai is constantly pushing ahead to create new cutting edge ways to concrete it's self as the city of the future. This also includes developing areas such as Dubai Sports City which hosts multiple sports arenas and sports academies as well as a completely green city with zero carbon emissions and zero waste.

But it's far from being all work in Dubai. Dubai offers unlimited entertainment for every taste from fine dinning to water sports and indoor skiing to a variety of nightclubs and there is never a shortage of sunshine.


Tim Houghten writes for , a website that offers luxury briefcases direct from the manufacturer. Tim picked up the travel bug at a young age from his missionary parents. He is now a Freelancer, business consultant, and travel writer who has adventured through much of Europe as well as North and South America. Tim has now joined the ranks of those living the jet set lifestyle as an international nomad on the constant exploration of new sights, sounds and tastes.

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