Shopping in Dubai. Tips and tricks of Dubai shopping

My wife’s favourite activity was shopping in Dubai. She has mastered the art of Dubai shopping and knows exactly where to go and what to buy, where is cheap, where is expensive and from where can you buy quality stuff. So she is helping me to set-up this page.

We have visited to most of the Dubai shopping malls. Walked every main and small shopping street. Visited every major shop, especially where discounts and bargains are available. We’ve also visited small shops where some items are cheaper than anywhere else.

Shopping in Dubai is fun. Most of the items are cheaper in Dubai than most of the countries.

Shopping in Dubai is fun

There are “specialized” areas in Dubai for specific items. There is nothing you CANNOT find in Dubai. But there are few items, which are expensive in Dubai than other countries. Read on….

The best time to go shopping in Dubai is night. You can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, millions of colourful lights and decorations, fashion and good food, which are not available during the daytime.

Dubai Online Shopping

For a collection of best Dubai online stores visit Dubai online shopping page

Dubai Shopping Malls

You can spend days in Dubai shopping malls. Visit the Dubai shopping malls page before going on shopping.

Best buys in Dubai shopping….

Shopping in Dubai is not good for all items. However, we have found Dubai is best for following items.

There are so much to talk about Gold and Dubai. Visit Dubai Gold Market page for best-kept secrets on shopping gold in Dubai.

Dubai is famous to buy electronics for “duty free” prices. I had to create a separate page for this also, because there are tons of things you should know to grab the best bargains. Visit Dubai Electronics page for details.

If you are after designer wear or just quality clothes, visit shops in Bur Dubai area or shops in the Deira City Centre Shopping Mall. Specially you can buy quality materials for bargain prices. I still buy suit materials from Dubai.

Car parts and accessories.
Are you are looking for those fancy little extra items to your car? Or looking for genuine spare parts? Then shop around Dubai. I have bought hands free mobile phone sets, car stereo sets for a very cheap price.

Mobile phones
Almost every visitor going for shopping in Dubai buy mobile phones. Dubai get the latest models from all reputed brands. Don’t forget to ask for international warranty when you are buying mobile phones.

Carpets and Rugs
Arabs from Iran, Syria and Egypt are selling high quality Rugs and carpets in Dubai. Don’t forget to BARGAIN the price. Dubai shopping means bargain.

It will be useful for you to know a little bit of the currency of Dubai. Click here for a review of Dubai currency.

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