What is New Dubai?

The concept of The New Dubai brought forward by the rulers of Dubai. It is a concept to build an area with all the latest facilities by using all new technologies.

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Model of New Dubai
-- Model of New Dubai --

As a result of the new Dubai concept, many large and tall buildings, new roads, restaurants, massive entertainment centres will be built.

Constructions in New Dubai

Major construction companies recruited construction workers and Engineers to build New Dubai. It is not clear when and how the Dubai government is going to decide the end of new Dubai development. However, massive constructions are currently going on in several locations.

The Concept Behind New Dubai

The main concept behind the new Dubai is to become the “world’s first” or “world’s largest” in many areas. This will attract many tourists to Dubai and will also help Dubai to secure major businesses before the rest of the world.

Building new Dubai is not a small task. It needs proper planning and coordination, constant monitoring etc. Thousands of world’s best Executives and Engineers are working day and night in many “New Dubai” projects.

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