Job vacancies in Dubai
How to get jobs in Dubai within a week?

Dubai is a fantastic place to live and work. Mainly because it is a tax free state. There are various types of job vacancies in Dubai.


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You need to follow few steps to find a good job in Dubai. Here are the steps

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Step 1

The first step is to register with Bayt (its free) and apply for jobs. Use the "Register Today" link on the below form to register with Bayt.

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There is a big competition for jobs in Dubai.Especially following categories have the highest demand as well as the competition:

IT Jobs in Dubai
Hotel Jobs in Dubai
Dubai teaching jobs
Construction Jobs in Dubai
Bilingual positions in Dubai
Expat jobs Dubai

Types of job vacancies in Dubai

Jobs in Dubai can vary from labourers to CEOs. Majority of the jobs are for tradesmen, because there are many constructions are happening in Dubai. However, always there are other jobs opportunities in Dubai.

Who’s paid well in Dubai?

US, UK and Australian passport holders are paid well in Dubai. If you are from one of these courtiers then demand a lot.

How to negotiate a good package?

Cost of living in Dubai is a bit high. If your intension is to save money then you MUST negotiate a good package

Remember, almost every job in Dubai provides special benefits apart from the salary. The benefits can vary depending on the job. Most of the jobs in Dubai have below benefits.

- Once a year (or less) one month paid leave.
- Free return Air Ticket to your country.

Also there are other benefits you should demand. Few of them are

- Accommodation or an allowance.
- A vehicle
- School fees allowance for kids.
- Airline tickets for the whole family.

Advertisements regarding job vacancies in Dubai

If you read a newspaper in Dubai you will see many job vacancies. But do you know how many of them are true vacancies?

Employment agencies in Dubai reserve advertising spaces for the whole year. So they have to put some advertisements whether they have vacancies or not. Also some agencies are creating dummy high profile vacancies to boost their image. This does not mean that all vacancies are dummies and all job agencies are doing this. But this is the truth of advertisements on Dubai jobs.

So how to get a job in Dubai faster?

The biggest mistake most of the Dubai job seekers are doing is to apply positions advertised by job agencies on newspapers and ONLY depending on that. There are hundreds of candidates applying for job vacancies in Dubai. You are lucky if someone in the job agency views your resume.

The best option is to apply for job vacancies advertised directly by the employer.

The other method is to call reputed job agencies and ask for the Consultant’s name who is doing the recruitment in your field of work. This is a bit hard task to do, as they will refuse to provide names. But if you are a bit tactful then you will be successful. Once you have the consultant’s name directly call them and introduce yourself. Tell them that you have special skills. Keep a good rapport with them. This will do wonders. Depending your relationship, they may call you as soon as they have a vacancy even before advertising them.

The third option is to directly contact Human Resources Departments of major companies. When you call them NEVER ask whether they have vacancies. Always tell them that you have got special skills set that may help the employer. Most of the companies do not advertise all jobs opportunities in Dubai. In this method you will be able to tap them. Also there is a chance that they will create a position for you depending on your special skills.

It will be useful for candidates to understand a little bit of the currency of Dubai. Click here for a review of Dubai currency.

It is also very important to understand Dubai Visa Requirements as they are very different to other countries.

By the way, I have noticed that people are spelling Dubai incorrectly. jobs in Dubia, jobs in Dobai, jobs in Duabi and Dubay are common misspellings. Make sure that you do not do this mistake when you are submitting your resume.

Jobs in other Middle East countries

It is worth to search for jobs in other Middle East countries. Especially look for Jobs in Doha Qatar as the job market is booming in Qatar due to the development of Oil and Gas industry.

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