IT Jobs In Dubai
How to get a highly paid Computer job in Dubai

IT is the area where most of the job vacancies available in Dubai. However, the majority of the job seekers are also looking for IT jobs in Dubai. So how can you get an IT job in Dubai in this competitive market? Read onů


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IT is a vast area. But most of the computer jobs in Dubai are in following areas.

IT Management jobs

Dubai is mainly looking for candidates with strong technical background with management experience under this category. Dubai employers are more focused on specific systems or application related experience rather than just IT management experience. Having qualifications (and experience) in IT management with relevant technical experience will definitely push you to the top. Especially there is a demand in Dubai for candidates with IT Project Management qualifications and experience. There is a demand in Dubai for those who have IT Master Degrees from US, UK and Australian universities.

Dubai Computer support Jobs

Most of the companies in Dubai have vacancies for IT Support technical staff such as Network Administrators, PC Support Technicians etc. MCSE qualification is the basic requirement for this type of IT jobs in Dubai. However, experience with special applications such as specific Accounting applications will be an advantage.

Application Specialists

Special Applications such as SAP, Oracle Financials are popular in large organizations in Dubai. They always open the door for skilled IT people who have experience with this type of systems.

IT Security Jobs

The latest boom is in Dubai is for IT Security staff. There are highly paid jobs for those who have qualifications and experience in Firewalls, Routers and IT security systems.

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