Top Five International Schools in Dubai

There are International schools in Dubai to cater expatriates from various countries. The cost can vary dramatically depending on the standard of the school. Here is a review of top five Dubai international schools.

Nowadays most countries have international schools that provide educational facilities to the children of foreigners in their country. In the same way, Dubai also has many international schools. The number and size of the international schools depend on the population of the expatriates and the number of local students enrolled in these schools.

Both expatriates and the local children willing to be enrolled are in large numbers in Dubai. This is the reason Dubai is witnessing mushrooming of international schools. Some of the famous international schools of this city are Dubai British School, Raffles International School, United International School, Varkey International Private School, Wellington International School, American School and so on.

Top International Schools in Dubai

Dubai British school

Dubai British School is located on the hills of Emirates. It’s a co-educational school for children of age between 3 to 18 years. To be a faculty in this school one should have at least two years of teaching experience. The curriculum of this school is same as that of Britain and Wales. The school takes care of the different stages of the children and there is a standard assessment test for the children to maintain the quality of the school. There is a provision of foundation course to match with the standard of the British school.

British English School

One more school in British pattern of education is British English School founded by Sheikh Rashid to fulfill the requirement of international schools in Dubai. It is a non-profit school for the children of expatriates and outsiders. A Board of Governors governs the school and the children of this school are given diverse opportunities and experiences in different fields. It provides opportunities to develop not only academically, but also create an ambience for all round development of the child.

Wellington International School

Based in the Al Sufouh of Dubai, this is one of the most famous international schools. It enrolls children between age group of 3 to 18. The school provides advanced educational facilities. Some of the facilities available in this school are large sports hall, health and fitness club, gym, swimming pool, dance club, tennis and basket ball courts and running tracks.

The capacity of this school is more than 1500 students. Students are provided virtual learning environment with all hi- tech facilities. This school also follows national curriculum of England.


Etisalat is the only company in Dubai, which is authorized to provide telecommunications and Internet services in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1976, it has built up state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure and taken a leadership position of innovation and reliability among regional and international operators.

The Middle East magazine has ranked Etisalat first in the United Arab Emirates and fourth in the Middle East among the top 100 companies, based on its financial performance and capital growth. It was ranked as the 6th best performing Arab company by ‘Forbes Arabia’ magazine for the year 2006, which included more than 1600 Arab joint stock companies in various sectors.

American School of Dubai

This school is co-educational and follows national curriculum of America. It is located in the suburban area of Dubai. The textbooks of USA are provided in this school. This school is facilitated with e- governance and all the instructions are on computers. To be faculty of this school it is necessary to have at least four years of teaching experience in America.

Apple International School in Dubai

Established in year 1994, the Apple International School follows the British national curriculum. The school has divided its classes in three different stages called kindergarten, junior and senior level. In addition to the academic part, the school has excelled itself in providing all the sports and cultural activities to its students.

Thus, foreigners working in Dubai don’t have to worry about the future of their children. Dubai is well versed with all necessary infrastructural requirements for the expatriates. The variety of international schools in Dubai will help to find a fit for your child.

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