Hotel Jobs in Dubai
How to get jobs in Dubai hotels

Jobs in Dubai hotels quite often are filled without advertising. Dubai has many hotels and resorts due to its booming tourism industry. This creates many hotel jobs in Dubai.


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Salary and other benefits paid for hotel and catering jobs in Dubai is mainly depending on the hotel and the Management. So you must be careful of selecting your employer. Usually Five Star hotels are paying well to their employees.

Lets start the journey...

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Do you know...?

Most of the Dubai hotels do not advertise their vacancies. Therefore the other most effective method of getting a Job in Dubai hotels is to contact the Human Resources Department of the hotel directly. Every hotel in Dubai has a HR department.

Here is how to do it.

- Visit and search for hotels in Dubai.

- Then go to the websites of all major hotels and list down the contact phone numbers and email addresses. Some Dubai hotel websites are advertising their vacancies. Apply directly if you found one.

- Phone the HR department and introduce yourself before sending your resume. Make sure that you mention all your special skills in a summary format. Do not take lot of time to explain. Get the name of the person and fax number of the HR department.

- Then fax the resume directly to the person that you talked to. Faxing is always better than emailing.

- Follow-up after few days if you didnít receive a response.

There are hundreds of candidates are applying for hotel jobs in Dubai. You must use your full effort to shine in the crowd.

Special Jobs in Dubai hotels

Are you an IT or Finance professional with hotel working experience? Then there is a big advantage. Especially if you have experience with hotel related software applications.

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