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Not sure about you, I have tried many home based businesses and extra income opportunities. But personally I had no luck. The main reason was most of the home based business required talking to people. My communication skills are next to nothing.

Finally I found this business, which does not need much talking. And the best part is

There is no limit on how much money you can make

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start an online business as you don’t need any items to sell. Basically what you do is provide useful information about a specific topic that you love to write about and build a website on that topic. Then send visitors to certain merchant’s website where they pay you attractive commission if your visitor purchases products or services from them. Some merchants simply pay just for sending visitors.

To do this you need following

I knew about affiliate marketing but I did not know anything that can help me with above two items. This is where I found Site Build It System (SBI) through a review website of one of SBI customers.

I am sure this is the ideal way for those who are in Dubai to build a long term home based business online. I suggest you to visit the review website and learn true information about it and then visit SBI official website.

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