Expat Woman Dubai
Lifestyle and other useful information for Dubai expat women

If you are an expat woman Dubai (or other part of UAE) or planning to relocate in Dubai then this page has useful information for you.

Not like most of the Middle East countries, expat women in Dubai do not have to cover the head or face and wear the black suit (called Abaya) to cover the body. But you are not allowed to expose your body excessively in public areas.

Apart from the above, there are no major restrictions to worry about for Dubai expat woman.

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Lifestyle of expat woman Dubai

You can design your own lifestyle. It is up to you. If you like bars, pubs and nightclubs then there are plenty in Dubai. If you want to join a particular club (sports, hobbies etc) then there are many registered and unregistered clubs in Dubai. If you are addicted to shopping then there is no better place in the world than Dubai for shopping.

Religions and expat woman in Dubai

Islam is the main religion in Dubai. However, Dubai has limited number of churches (catholic and Christian), Hindu temples etc. There are also different religious groups that you can join and work with. They are organizing various activities for relevant communities.

Work life

There is no difference to any other western country. Expat women are allowed to work in any industry in Dubai. Some expat women in Dubai are holding very senior positions. There is no limit or restrictions as far as the country is concerned.

Sports for Dubai expat woman

Dubai has facilities to enjoy most of the main sports with latest equipment. Either it is Tennis or Bowling, you fill find a place to play just around the corner. Most of the new residential apartment complexes are equipped with swimming pools, Gym and Tennis courts.

TV and DVD

There are only few free English TV channels in Dubai. Most of the expats are using cable TV. There are many cable TV providers in Dubai. Some are providing country specific channels.

Video and DVD rentals are freely available in Dubai. If you are an expatriate woman Dubai and want to watch specific types of movies (either Hollywood or Bollywood) the shop is just a short stroll away.

There are world-class theatres in Dubai. Most of the major Hollywood movies are shown in Dubai as soon as they were released in USA.

What you can do on weekends?

There are plenty of weekend activities available for Dubai expat women. The most popular among expats is having a barbecue in a beach or in a park. Barbecue facilities are commonly available in parks and beaches.

You can go to a beach and have a nice sea bath and relax. Jumeirah beach has enough space to accommodate a lot. Satwa, Al Mamzar, Jebel Ali are other popular beaches in Dubai. You can wear bikinis and general swimwear in Dubai beaches.

There are many attractions in Dubai that you can visit during the weekend. Visit Dubai short break page for a list of places to visit and things to do in Dubai.

Important information for expat woman Dubai

� Remember, alcohol is prohibited in public places.
� Do not drink and drive. Fines in Dubai are ruthless.
� Do not eat or drink anything (including smoking) outside during the Ramadan fasting period.
� Understand the law in Dubai very well. Ask if you do not know about a specific subject. If you are working then the PRO of your office is the best person to ask.
� Respect the local Arabic culture and religion. This is the most sensitive subject in Dubai. Do not cross the limit.

You won�t feel a big difference when you become an expat woman in Dubai. The Dubai community is comprises of many nationalities. You are not a stranger to Dubai. I am sure you will feel the same.

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