Dune bashing in Dubai
How to get the maximum?

Dune bashing in Dubai has been a popular fun game among visitors of Dubai. This page will explain what are the types of dune bashing and how to get the maximum thrill by doing it in the desert of Dubai.

Dune bashing is one of the favorite games of people living around a particular topography marked with sand dunes. In a nutshell, dune bashing is nothing but riding up and down the heaps of sand in the desert. However, there are various ways to do dune bashing in Dubai such as:

- Riding bikes through the dunes
- Skate Boarding
- Riding a quad bike
- 4x4 drive

The most popular dune bashing among tourists from all over the world is the 4x4 drive (also known as desert safari). It is advised to use a reliable tour operator for desert safaris. Please visit Dubai Desert Safari page for more information on desert safari tours and recommended tour operators in Dubai. Also you can get 10% discount by simply filling a form on that page.

But if you want to drive through the desert by yourself then the rest of this page is for you.

Dune bashing in Dubai – DIY guide

It is not always easy to drive through the sand dunes, as there may be risks involved in the sports activity. This is the reason, it is always advisable to take some precautions and go through tips while doing such activity. Of course, Dubai is a fascinating place and most suitable for dune bashing but a fresher has to take in to account some prerequisites, before going for this joy ride. In this connection one needs to learn some techniques of sand dune bashing from a highly skilled professional rider.

The logic behind the techniques involved in dune bashing is that you need to know as to how to maneuver the vehicle while driving. It is indispensable to avoid accidents, which have become quite common. Secondly, the tire pressure of the vehicles is very high in dune bashing. High tire pressure covers less surface area of the dune, which may defeat the purpose of bashing the sand dunes. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the tire pressure to secure the larger area of the sand surface. The recommended tire pressure is 17 psi. But lower than this much pressure may again endanger your vehicle as wheel sometimes gets off the vehicle.

In addition to it, it is always better to start this kind of venture in a group. There should be group leader to guide the whole troop. It ensures the right direction for the driver. Sand dunes are very thick in Dubai. It may be 100 to 300 feet high. So playing with these heaps of sands is not that much easy. There are some suitable outfits for this purpose, which youngsters avoid carelessly. While bashing, dunes’ sand trickles in to different parts of the body and may make you uncomfortable. To avoid such case, prefer suitable clothes, and save you form unwanted sand dust.

Now if you are comfortable with these tips go ahead and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Dubai deserts. Believe me, it’s not much expensive and 50 to 75 dollars per head will suffice to rent a good vehicle of your choice for dune bashing in Dubai. Booking can be done without actually going to the vehicle owners. You can get it done from the hotel where you are staying. Popular spots for dune bashing in Dubai are - Hatta near southern Dubai, Liwa desert, and area reaching out to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. It is a unique experience. Take a chance and share your experiences with others.

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