Dubai Sports
Favourite Sports in Dubai

Dubai sports consists of traditional Arabic style sporting events as well as western games. This page will describe main sports and sporting events in Dubai. Whether you want to participate in or watch, this page will provide you all information about sports in Dubai.


Golf courses in Dubai are among the best in the world. It is amazing how they maintain golf grounds so nicely in the middle of the desert. Please visit Dubai golf clubs page to read more on golf in Dubai.

Horse Racing

Horse racing receives royal treatment in Dubai. The main reason is that the ruler of Dubai is a real fan of horse racing. He himself participates in many events and is a true champion of the game.

Dubai world cup horse racing event is one of the main sporting events in Dubai. The prizes are amazingly big. Therefore it attracts all big names in the horse racing in the world.

Camel racing

This is a traditional Arabic sporting event, which is very popular in the gulf region. Camel racing is a regular event in Dubai. You can find races almost every week.

This Dubai sport is almost similar to horse racing. However, most of the time the jockey is a child. The main reason of using a child is to reduce the weight on the Camel.

Desert Rally

UAE desert challenge is a popular Dubai sporting event among adventure sports lovers in Dubai. This is a yearly world championship event. The race is from Dubai to Abu Dhabi through the rolling desert.

There are different categories such as 4x4. Motorbikes etc. Usually the event is held in October every year.

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