Dubai weather and when is the best time to visit.

Dubai whether does not vary much. However, in some months Dubai is extremely hot and reasonably cool for a few months of the year.

Dubai has only two seasons, summer and the winter. Summer starts around mid April. The temperature is around 30-32C till end April. Then it gradually starts increasing. So during June to October the temperature will vary from 35 – 40C. This is the extremely hot season of the year. Also, there are days where the temperature could go up to 45C.

It is hard to walk during the daytime in summer months. It is hot even in the night.

Date palm tree grows well in Dubai weather

People start going out around 8:00PM during the summer. I strongly recommend not planning outdoor activities on high-summer days. Humidity is generally high during the summer.

Date palm trees grow well in Dubai weather. Trees covered with juicy Date fruits can be seen everywhere in the summer.

Sandstorms (often called as Dubai prevailing wind) are not very common in Dubai. However, Dubai experiences few small-scale sandstorms every year.

Winter and the Dubai weather

“Winter” starts around the beginning of November. Dubai weather changes from extremely hot humid to nice and cool days in November. Temperature could drop from 33C to 20C during this month. December-January is the peak of winter. Temperature could drop to 15C during the daytime.

So when is the best time to visit Dubai?

Due to the Dubai weather pattern, November to April is the best time to visit Dubai. You can enjoy the sun, sandy beaches and desert dunes throughout the day during this period.

Dubai government hosts different events based on Dubai weather. Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprise are a couple of them.

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