Teaching Jobs in Dubai
How to get highly paid Dubai teaching jobs faster?

More than 30% of the population in Dubai is expatriates. This has increased the number of teaching jobs in Dubai. So how to use this opportunity to find a good Dubai teaching job? Read on…


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Step 1 – understand the education standards in Dubai

The expats in Dubai are from different parts of the world. However, the education requirements are almost common in Dubai. There are schools and colleges with different standards. There are three types of schools in Dubai.

UK/US Style

UK and US managed schools are very expensive and the standard is very high. The education systems are structured similar to UK or US systems in these schools. If you are already doing a teaching job in Europe or US and looking for a Dubai teaching jobs , then you have a fair chance of getting a job faster in these schools and colleges.

South Asian Style

These schools are mainly targeting expats from south Asia, especially Indians. Usually the fees are cheaper than UK/US style schools.

Arabic Style

Arabic schools are mainly for UAE nationals and students from other Arabic countries. If you are a teacher from an Arabic country then there are plenty of opportunities.

Step 2 - Understand requirements for teaching jobs in Dubai

There are Dubai specific requirements for teaching jobs, especially in international schools. Visit teaching in Dubai page for more details.

Step 3 – Search Dubai teaching jobs

There are few ways to search teaching jobs in Dubai. The most successful method is to register in Bayt (which is free) and search for Dubai teaching jobs. They always have hundreds of hot jobs in Dubai. Use the below search box from Bayt to register and search for education related jobs in Dubai.

The second method is directly contacting schools. Visit and search for schools, universities and colleges in Dubai. Then prepare a list and contact them directly. Please don’t just fax your resume. Try to contact a person in the Human Resource department and market yourself. Explain what you can do and then fax or email your resume. Don’t forget to follow-up periodically

Useful tips to get an advantage

- Arabic language is a definite plus for all types of schools and teaching jobs in Dubai.

- UK, US and Australian qualifications are a definite advantage.

Salary guidelines

The salary will be mainly depending on the school/college and your nationality. European, US and Australian passport holders can expect a higher salary than others. The best way to get an idea of the salary in Dubai teaching jobs is to search jobs and match the salary details with your profile. Usually you can expect a salary from US$1000 – US$15000 per month.

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