Favourite Dubai Shopping Malls

For those who love shopping, Dubai has more shopping centers than any other city in the world. Most of the Dubai shopping malls are very large, highly decorated and filled with activities.

Out of all, there are few shopping malls in Dubai stands better than others. Here are my favourite Dubai shopping centers.

City Centre Shopping Mall

Located in Deira, City Centre is by far the largest and the most popular shopping mall in Dubai. There are hundreds of shops and restaurants in it. It also has an amusement centre for children and a cinema complex.

City Centre is the most popular shopping mall in Dubai

What I like most in this shopping mall is the large variety of shops. You will find anything (cheap and expensive) in this shopping center. For those who love fashion, all the major designer stores can be found in City Center shopping mall. It also has a very large hyper market.

Lamcy Plaza

I love the old English style architecture of the Lamcy Plaza shopping mall in Dubai. It is housing a wide variety of shops. This Dubai shopping mall hosts the tallest Christmas tree in Dubai during the Christmas season.

Lamcy Plaza has a cinema complex and always has various activities for children. Shops are for average people and items are not very expensive.

Wafi Shopping Mall

Wafi is know as a luxury shopping mall in Dubai

Wafi Shopping Center has been built for the shape of a pyramid. This is a very modern type of a shopping mall. Items here are generally high quality and are expensive. This shopping complex is known as “the Dubai shopping mall for the rich” Don’t be surprised if you see a pair of shoes for $2500.00

Worth visiting this shopping centre even you cannot afford to buy anything.

Burjuman Center

This is the most active shopping mall in Dubai. This place is always busy, crowded and very live. I love the variety of clothes shops in this place. It has shops selling clothes starting from $3. Yes there are very expensive designer wear too.

There are lot of good restaurants in and around Burjuman shopping mall. You can buy a meal for an adult staring as cheap as $2.

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