Dubai Real Estate Hot Deals
The best property offers currently available in Dubai

This Dubai real estate hot deals page is for those who are serious and willing to buy as soon as possible. These offers do not last long. Professional property investors are waiting for opportunities like these and grab them. If you are serious on investing in Dubai property market or want to buy a property for your own use below the market price then I strongly recommend the offers in this page.

How You Should Approach?

Below are really good bargains currently available. Visit each property page and see whether it is suitable for your budget etc.

Tip: Each page has an option to “Enquire”. If the budget is not right use the enquire option to propose your budget. Property developers in Dubai are considering all offers. You have nothing to loose.

What to look for hot property deals in Dubai?

Say you have got very attractive property deals in Dubai. Let’s see how to maximize the return with few “Dubai Specific” strategies.

1. Ask for a payment plan

Good real estate agents can provide you an attractive payment plan for your. That means you have to pay a small down payment and pay the rest on an instalment basis.

2. Ask for guaranteed rental return (at least for one year)

Some property developers in Dubai are using guaranteed rental return as a bait to attract property investors. But there are genuine offers such as the Yacht Bay Dubai Marina.

3. Ask for further discounts

Good real estate agents can negotiate further discounts with property developers in Dubai. For an example have a look at Ocean Heights Dubai Marina . There is a plenty of room to get further discounts in this project.

4. Ask for a property resale facility

This strategy for property investors those who want to buy and sell properties in Dubai within a short period. Good real estate agents are happy to accept resale deals.

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