Dubai Property Investment
How to buy Dubai properties below the market price?

There is a limited land space in Dubai. Therefore Dubai property investment is one of the best real estate investment options available in the current market. However, whether it is for investment or for you to live you MUST buy in the right area and right type of property to maximize the profits. I will show you how to do this.

Financial crisis and Dubai property investment

The single most frequently asked question from us is “should I invest in Dubai real estates during the financial crisis”? The answer is YES. Do you know why?

The global financial crisis has created a golden opportunity to smart property investors. The property price in Dubai has temporary gone down. You can find amazing bargains if you know how to tap the real deals.

The #1 Dubai Property Secret

The most important thing you must do to earn massive profits from Dubai real estates is to get the right property agent work for you. The property agent MUST have following features

- Direct access and good relationship with major property developers in Dubai

- Access to pre-launch deals

- They must understand your requirement and find the right property for you, instead of trying to sell what they have.

- They must receive up-to-date information on hot deals, especially access to those who are selling properties due to financial difficulties.

- Access to guaranteed rental return properties.

There aren’t many Dubai property agents with above facilities. MoveChannel is the only company that I know of who has all above facilities. I personally know that they will do everything to find a property in Dubai below the market price.

After months long discussions they finally agreed to provide a very special service for visitors of this website. That means you have that opportunity right now. What you have to do is fill the form below. Your details will directly go to them and they will contact you and work with you to find the most profitable property in Dubai for your budget. Click the browser Refresh button if the form did not load.

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Also Have a look at these Dubai property hot deals. This is an ideal opportunity for buy and hold strategy. If you can hold the property for few months then you can expect at least 40% - 50% return.

What to look for when buying properties in Dubai?

There are three very important factors you must know before investing in Dubai.

1. Try to buy at pre-launch stage. These deals are hard to find and only limited number of agents have access to them. Some developers allocated a quota exclusively to a limited number of property agents in Dubai at the pre-launch stage. The agents are then allowed to sell their quota at the pre-launch stage. There are few advantages of these deals.

- You do not have to pay the full amount up-front
- Better price. The property price generally goes up after the launch.
- Gain the advantage of property appreciation by the time of completion.

The MoveChannel property agent has access to a pre-launch deals. I managed to twist his arm and got him agreed to provide full information of some exclusive projects to visitors of this website. More importantly how you can invest on this projects. Please fill the above form to contact them directly.

2. Look for guaranteed rental return. Some projects are in very high demand and the developers are happy to guarantee the rental income for investors. Again these deals are not common. Visit Dubai real estate hot deals page for projects with guaranteed rental income.

It is very important to act fast when they present you the right deal. You know why? Dubai property prices are changing rapidly. You will not get today's price tomorrow. It is so volatile.

History of Dubai real estate

The Dubai real estate investment property market boom started around 2001-2002 periods. Prior to that Dubai government didn’t want non-citizens to “own” Dubai properties. Therefore Dubai property investment did not exist for non-citizens.

However, Dubai government introduced new regulations for investors all around the world to invest in Dubai properties. Today Dubai property investment has become the “hot topic” among property investors.

Can't wait to see the best deals? Then click here to see Dubai real estate hot deals..

Can you really own properties in Dubai?

Yes, but the locations are limited. There are limited number of places in Dubai where you can purchase and own the property. All other purchases are a long lease (normally 99 years renewable). You are the “owner” of the property during this period and you are allowed to sell or rent the property to someone else.

How to select the best investment properties in Dubai?

This is the tricky area in Dubai property investment. The best investment property should match with your budget. Also you should be able to find a tenant fast. Here are some guidelines to decide the best area and type of property for you. Click here to see some of Dubai real estate photos

First lets look at types of people who are currently renting. Most of the tenants are expatriates who are working in Dubai. They have various incomes. The income decides what type of a property they are going to rent.

Majority of expatriates earns around $3000 - 5000 a month. Normally they rent one-bedroom apartments. In my view this is the type of property you will be able to find a tenant very quickly. However, you should buy a property in a location where they can afford to pay the rent and in an area where most of the offices are located.

The second category is mid to high-income earners who are earning around $7000 - $10000 a month. These tenants are usually small in number, however are willing to pay a higher rent. There is a big chance that these types of people are receiving a rent allowance from the employer. They will be looking for semi-luxury apartments with facilities such as swimming pools, gym, tennis courts etc. If this is your target market then you will definitely receive much higher rent. The drawback of this type is the small market.

The third category is ultra rich and famous people around the world who are willing to “throw” money. If you want to cater for this category, then search for luxury apartments, villas and properties in Dubai islands. These people will not rent. They have money to pay cash and buy. So your only option is to buy a property in a unique location and sell it for a profit. Buying investment properties for this category can be a very high invetment. However, the return will be equally high.

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