Dubai prevailing wind… What is this?

Dubai prevailing wind is often known as the strong blow coming from Northwest. There are slight variations of prevailing wind in Dubai.

prevailing wind in Dubai can turn into a sandstorm.

Dubai is partly covered by the sea and partly by the desert bordering to other states in the UAE. Usually Dubai prevailing wind start blowing around mid afternoon.

Sandstorm and prevailing wind

The strength of Dubai prevailing wind can vary from 5 to 20 knots. The wind can bring lot of dust and sand when the strength is higher. However, it is not always become a sandstorm. A prevailing wind in Dubai can be turned into a sandstorm when the strength is high.

Dust and sand of a strong sandstorm can cover the daylight and stop transportation. It also can throw stones and damage houses and vehicles. However, strong sandstorms are rare in Dubai.

Prevailing wind and ancient Dubai

Dubai is extremely hot during summer and the temperature is around 40-45C during the daytime. You can imagine how people in old days lived in this extreme hot weather before the Air Condition and cooling systems are introduced. They used the prevailing wind in Dubai to keep their houses cool.

How did they do that?

Old days they built towers known as “wind towers” to divert the Dubai prevailing wind to their houses. Internal parts of the houses were also designed to take the full advantage of the breeze. Then another tower sent out the “used breeze”.

Tall buildings and Dubai prevailing wind

Due to the nature of prevailing wind in Dubai, architects who design tall buildings take the impact of the prevailing wind into consideration. The designs are made to minimize the impact.

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