Dubai Nightclubs

You will not see Tabletop dancers and topless waitresses in Dubai nightclubs. But there are plenty of things to enjoy in Dubai nightclubs.

Hardrock Cafe Dubai nightclub.

There are varieties of nightclubs in Dubai. Some are free to enter and some are charging an entrance fee. There are members’ only nightclubs too. Some nightclubs are famous among different communities such as English/American, Asian, and Russian etc.

Here is a review of my favourite Dubai nightclubs

For those who love English/American type….

American Dream Seashell Inn Hotel Burdubai

This is an English/American style nightclub. If you love the culture, people and language then this is the place to go.

Hard Rock Café

This is popular as a place for the entire family. Located in the Hard Rock building, a bit away from the city center (about 35 minutes drive). This is part of the global Hard Rock chain and you can enjoy Hard Rock food and live music. Food and liquor are a bit expensive here.

Cyclone - Al Nasr leisure land Karama

If you are looking for “something extra” in Dubai nightlife then this is the place to go. this place is famous for being a pick-up joint. This nightclub really rocks. So if you don’t like continues rock n roll then this place is NOT for you.

Irish Village

Located next to the Aviation Club of Dubai. The Irish Village is a typical Irish style Pub. It is also known as one of the few places that you can drink alcohol without having to go to a hotel. It has seating both indoors and outdoors. They have managed to reproduce an authentic Irish pub feel, and it is very popular with locals, expats and people visiting Dubai. Good quality food is also available.

Arabic nightclubs in Dubai

If you really want to enjoy Dubai nightlife then you MUST visit an Arabic nightclub. Here are my famous Arabic nightclubs.

Al Abaya The Palm Hotel Interchange No. 5, Sheikh Zayed Rd

This Dubai nightclub serves delicious Arabic dishes and drinks. Al Abaya offers live entertainment by local singers and dancers to accompany your meal. If you want to taste a bit extra of the Arabic culture visit this place.

Kasbaa Royal Mirage Hotel

This is one of the busiest Arabic nightclubs in Dubai. This is one of the Dubai nightclubs you must visit. The club is built up onto three levels. The entire place is decorated in Arabic style and live Arabic music is played by some of the best DJs.

Russian nightclubs in Dubai

For those who want to experience a piece of Russian in Dubai I recommend Arbat Club in Carlton Tower Hotel Deira and Troyka in Century Hotel Bur Dubai

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