Dubai Luxury Hotels

Dubai itself is luxury all the way, and that's the kind of tourism that they want. Dubai luxury hotels are world class. There is also a 7 star hotel in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and they have adopted the latest technologies in every industry. You will see this in every luxury hotel in Dubai.

Some hotels are still trying to maintain the traditional Arabic style mixed with the 5 star luxuries.

For us though, few of the Dubai luxury hotels stood out above all others. As we visited all the top Dubai hotels during our five years stay in Dubai...

Jumeirah Beach Hotel.. Luxury in the beautifu 					Jemeirah beach.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Located in the beautiful Jumeirah beach. You will have your own private beach. Jumeirah Beach Hotel has it own diving centre. You can learn and enjoy true diving experience with their qualified diving instructors. You can watch the sunset and sunrise from your own luxury room. Stay in this hotel If you want to experience true luxury.

Hatta Fort Hotel.. You will have a scenic 					mountain view in this 5 Star Dubai luxury hotel.

Hatta Fort Hotel

This luxury hotel is located about 45 minutes drive from the Dubai city centre. It is an 80-acre property with breathtaking mountain scenery and peaceful atmosphere. There arenít many luxury hotels with mountain views in Dubai. All rooms are chalet style.

Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai

Emirates Towers Hotel

Emirates towers are the tallest building in Dubai. This luxury Dubai hotel has 400 rooms and many more facilities one could ever expect.

The hotel is located in one of the main highways in Dubai and about 20 minutes drive from the city centre.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Ė the 7 star hotel in Dubai

This is the ultimate 7 star luxury hotel in Dubai. There arenít many 7 star hotels in the world. So donít forget to at least visit if you cannot afford to stay.

This hotel is in Jumeirah beach. Actually, not on the beach, but about 150 meters from the beach and built on the sea. There is a bridge to access the hotel.

Why it is 7 star? Visit their web site to find the answer.

Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis hotel in Dubai has become one of the most popular luxury hotels in the world. This expensive but super luxury hotel has many things to talk about. Visit Atlantis Palm Hotel Dubai page for a full review of the hotel.

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