Amazing Dubai Gold Market

Dubai gold market is widely called The Gold Souk in Dubai. This place is popular for shops selling tons (yes tons..) of gold.

There are little secrets you should know if you are planning to buy gold from the Dubai gold market. Otherwise you will end up paying above the market price. Read on….

Why you should visit the Dubai gold market?

You will NOT find this much of gold anywhere else in the world. You will definitely be surprised to see extra large gold chains, gold bars hanging on shops without or with a very little security.

Dubai gold market

The other reason to visit is the price. Gold in Dubai is the cheapest in the world.

The best time to visit the Dubai gold souk is in the evening. Leave plenty of time for your tour, because you will need time to hop from one shop to another, touch and try those beautiful jewellery.

There are two gold markets in Dubai. The old gold souk and the new one. Both are in the same area and very close by. The new Dubai gold market is in a 2-story building, and the old one is in an area scattered with jewellery shops. However, you will find same jewellery in both places. Bottom line is jewellery in one place is not different to another.

I prefer the atmosphere and the set-up of the old gold souk.

Ok... what you should know before buying gold from the Dubai gold market?

Don’t buy any jewellery immediately when you decided to buy one. Go there on the next day during the daytime and check the item again and see whether you still like the item. It is very easy to fall into the trap that some jewellery is looking good at night, specially with lot of other surrounding jewelleries.

Bargain, bargain, bargain. They will ALWAYS tell you a very high price. There is always a chance to buy about 20% less.

If you like an item, go and check it in other shops. You may find a better price. Tell them that you saw this item at “XYZ shop” for a lesser price. They will always match the price.

Ask for certificates when applicable.

Watch the scale when they weigh the gold. They don’t usually cheat. But I have heard few cases.

Don’t let your own jewellery mixed-up with the stuff in the shop while trying new jewellery.

They will charge extra for credit card payments.

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