Favourite Dubai food you must try

There are many varieties of food in Dubai. But there are few Dubai food items you MUST try while in Dubai. Also try to visit these restaurants in Dubai to enjoy good food.

Arabic food is the main type of food in Dubai. However, there are many expatriates came from different parts of the world are working in Dubai. Therefore there are different types of restaurants in Dubai to cater this huge demand.

I would love to try traditional Arabic food while in Dubai. Out of all Dubai food there are few very special items.

Shawarma is one of the most famous foods in 					Dubai..


Shawarma is made with lamb or chicken. Other stuff goes with that may change based on the restaurant. Generally they will mix tomatoes, pickle, garlic sauce and fries. Then they will wrap the mixture in a small Arabic roti.

Shawarma is a bit closer to kebab. Taste of Shawarma can be different from one restaurant to another. Shawarma is one of the most popular foods in Dubai.


Falafel is the Arabic French fry. It looks like a cutlet. They are made out of mixing chickpeas and different spices. Then deep-fry and served as a side dish.

Arabic bread

Arabic bread is the word that they use for Arabic roti. They freshly bake them in clay ovens and serve with different dishes. Arabic roti is very tasty with Indian curries. Arabic bread is a part of all Dubai food.

Fruit juice

You may wonder why I have listed fruit juice as a special item. Go and try fruit juice in Shawarma shops. They have a special taste that you may not find anywhere in the world.

Dubai food is cheap. In an average restaurant a normal meal for an adult will cost about $5.

Dubai also has international food chains such as McDonalds. There are many Indian restaurants in Dubai and Indian food is the cheapest among all. The other cheap and highly available food in Dubai is Pakistani food.

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