Life of a Dubai expat. Useful information for Dubai expatriates

If you are going to be a Dubai expat soon or you are already a part of Dubai expats community then this page is for you. I am going to explain useful information that you MUST know about Dubai and a typical week of an average Dubai expat. This page will cover most of the common questions asked by expats in Dubai.

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Health Care System in Dubai

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Education for Kids

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International Schools

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A typical working day in Dubai

A typical day of an average Dubai expat starts with a jogging session or a visit to the gym. Then they go to work. Most of the Dubai expatriates have their own vehicles. It is very easy to buy a vehicle in Dubai. Anyone can apply for a vehicle loan. Interest is next to nothing.

Dubai is not a very big city. However, traffic can be an issue if you stay far from the working place. It is wise to select your accommodation closer to the working place.

Some expats prefer to go to the gym or go for a jog in the evening. Some will spend the evening hanging around in a shopping mall or a nightclub.

Restaurants in Dubai deliver food free of charge. Most of Dubai expatriates do not cook. They order food or simply walk to a restaurant. Restaurants can be found within walking distance in most of the areas.


Friday is the weekend in Dubai. Usually nightclubs are crowded on Thursday and Friday nights. Some expats prefer to have a barbecue with their friends. There are plenty of places with barbecue facilities in Dubai. Parks and beaches are few of the places. Most of the Dubai expatriates are doing their weekly shopping on weekends. There are many mega malls in Dubai.

Fishing, going to a movie, go and relax in a beach or a park are few of other options available for Dubai expats.


Most of Dubai expats are living in apartments. The size and number of bedrooms will depend on the size of the family and the income. Apartments are the cheapest and the most popular accommodation type in Dubai. Most of the apartment buildings are nearly new and clean. There are furnished and non-furnished apartments.

High-paid Dubai expatriates are living in Villas. Usually, this is not affordable to an average Dubai expat.

Dubai does not have residential areas or suburbs. Many apartment buildings can be found among office buildings. Therefore most of the Dubai expats are living within a walking distance from the work place.


Local calls (within Dubai) are free in Dubai. Calling cards are the most popular way for international calls.


Dubai has few TV channels. Only one channel is showing foreign movies and good programs. Most of Dubai expats are using paid TV channels like Fox.

Type of Dubai expats

Dubai is full of expatriates. Majority of the Dubai expats are Indians and south Asian nationals such as Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis. There are many Phillipine nationals also can be seen.

Majority of the Europeans are from UK. US, Canadian, South African and Australian are the other major nationals among vast variety of Dubai expatriates.

You may visit Cost of living in Dubai page to get an idea about the expenses in Dubai. Dubai banks page has useful information on major banks in Dubai and how to open a bank account. Dubai weather and Dubai prevailing wind pages are also will be very useful.

If you ask me whether you should live in Dubai as an expat my answer is YES. It is a great place to live and earn tax-free money.

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