Dubai Desert Safari
Useful tips for desert safari in Dubai

If you visit Dubai you MUST go for a Dubai desert safari. It is a thrill and a real adventure tour. There are few tips and tricks to maximize the enjoyment of desert safaris in Dubai. I am going to tell you the "inside secrets" of Dubai desert safari tours and show you from where to get the cheapest rates. Read on...

Some people called desert safari as Dune Bashing. There are various options for dune bashing, not only safaris. Please visit Dune Bashing in Dubai page for more on this.

Ok back to desert safari. First, letís see how it works in DubaiÖ

You can take your own 4WD if you are an experienced person in driving in the desert. But the best option is to book your safari through a professional desert safari tour operator in Dubai. They have well trained drivers who can drive through the dunes to maximize your thrill.

By the way, I have used many desert safari tour operators. Viator and Lama tours are the top two among all of them. Their rates are also very attractive. I spoke to the Business Development Manager of Lama Tours and they have agreed to provide a very special rate for visitors of Visit their rates page for standard price list. So what is the special rate for you being a visitor to our website? Scroll to the bottom of this page. The prices are just above the tour operator contact form. Fill the form to confirm and book your desert safari tour if you are happy with the discounted rate.

Ok back to desert safari.... When you book a Dubai Desert Safari, they will come to your hotel and pick you up around 2:00pm. Then there is about a 45 minutes drive to a meeting point. All desert safari tour operators and individual vehicles will gather at this place, because all vehicles are going together to the desert. Thats the tradition

There is about 15-30 minutes wait at this place until all vehicles are arrived. Remember, you are still on the road, not in the desert. But this is the entry point to the desert.

Dubai desert safari.

You will see young Arabs demonstrating their skills by doing various driving activities. Also drivers will check the tyre pressure etc to ensure that everything is in place.

When itís ready all vehicles start going into the desert. This is when the fun begins. The vehicles will go through sand dunes, climbing Dune Mountains, driving across sand dunes in a 45 degree angleÖ. Itís real fun.

After about 90 minutes drive in the desert all vehicles will be parked in a place to watch the sunset in the desert. It is an amazing experience. You should see this at least once in your lifetime.

Dubai desert safari.

Then the desert safari continues and all vehicles will come to a central camp in the middle of the desert. There are tents, tables and chairs in the camp for people to sit and relax. There is a centre stage in the camp. I will tell you what that is for.

Then the tour operators will start a barbecue. They will do everything and you just have to enjoy the food. The barbecue is a part of every desert safari package.

In the meant time you can enjoy Camel rides, dune bashing etc.

The good news is alcohol is available in the camp. But you have to pay and buy.

Ok the centre stageÖ this is for belly dancers. During the barbecue, beautiful young Arab girls will perform a belly dance. Belly dance is a traditional Arabic dance practiced by many Arab women.

Dubai desert safari.

Once the dinner and belly dancing is finished, all vehicles start heading back. Donít worry they wonít go for another adventure drive, because your tummy is full by this time.

Depending on the desert safari package, you have the option to spend the night in the desert. The tour operator will organize everything required. You should select this option if you want to touch stars and relax in the middle of the desert.

Ok, tips and tricks to get the maximum from desert safaris in Dubai.

Dubai desert safari.

Driverís driving skills in the desert dune is the most important thing to get the maximum thrill. Therefore show them that you know about desert safaris when you do your booking. Ask questions about the driver, their ability to speak English etc.

Have an early lunch. Donít drink lot of water. It will be uncomfortable if your stomach is full of food.

Wear light clothes. Shorts are the best.

Donít wear shoes. It will be hard to remove sand from your shoes. Wear slippers. I actually didnít even wear slippers. Going bear foot is the best.

Travel light. You donít have to take anything other than your Camera. Tour operators have everything such as water, juice, light food etc.

Important! You should not go on a desert safari if you are pregnant or have heart diseases.

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30 December

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner Ė USD$ 75.00 per person

31 December

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner Ė USD$ 100.00 per person

1st January

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner Ė USD$ 75.00 per person

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