Dubai Currency

Dirahms is the currency of Dubai. Interestingly the Dubai currency symbol is displayed as both AED and Dhs in many places.

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The Currency Exchange Rate and Your Travel Plans

Waiting until the last minute to exchange currency or exchanging money in your host countryís airport on arrival can ruin your vacation . Read when to exchange Dubai currency here.

Apart from cash, most of the shops accept credit cards. However, majority of the places do NOT accept credit cards such as American Express and Diners Club. So be alert if you donít have a Visa or a MasterCard.

How to exchange currency in Dubai?

You can get foreign currency exchanged from major banks and private financial institutions/outlets in Dubai. Most of the hotels also will do currency exchange. But my advise is NOT to do that. You can always get a better rate from banks.

How much Dubai currency you need?

It all depends on what are the places you are going to visit and what are you going to buy. Visit cost of living in Dubai page for a complete review of expenses in Dubai.

How to make money with curreny trading? Watch the video

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