Eat dinner in a beautiful Dubai cruise

It is known as the Dhow in Dubai. But in common language it is a Dubai cruise, mainly made out of wood similar to an ancient Arab boats or ships.

Dubai dinner cruise	Dubai international Airport.

Dhow Dubai cruises is a unique symbol in Dubai. This wooden cruise has two levels. They are cruising along the Dubai creek everyday. The first trip usually starts around 6:30pm. There are cruises every 30 minutes.

Advance booking is essential for Dhow cruises.

The main purpose of this cruise is to serve dinner while cruising along the creek. It is a one big floating restaurant.

Ok.. lets see how to join this Dubai cruise.

First you need to book and buy tickets. Inform the hotel staff or your travel agent to book your tickets. They will inform you at what time you should come to the place of departure. It is closed to the Deira Maktoum Bridge, which is in the middle of the city.

You can get into to the cruise about 15 minutes prior to the departure. The inside is a one big restaurant. It has only tables and chairs. You can go and sit wherever you want.

Passengers in the Dubai cruise

Try to grab a table closed to the edge or the window. This will give you a nice view of Dubai while cruising.

There are few different sizes and types of cruises. Some are fully opened from its sides. Some have a big open place on the top.

The cruise is decorated with colourful bulbs. You will think that this is really a floating restaurant if you see this from a distance.

Then the journey begins. It cruises very slowly. Sometimes it will stop for a while in the middle of the journey. After about ten minutes the staff will start serving dinner according to a set menu. I can still remember the big lobsters. They were really tasty.

This Dhow Dubai cruise journey takes about two hours. It will come back to the same place where it started. I would add this to the “must do” list in Dubai. It is really a wonderful experience.

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