Favourite Dubai Beaches

I would add Dubai beaches to the best beaches in the world list. Dubai has a few magnificent white sandy beaches. Water is crystal clear. So if you are a beach lover then you will love Dubai beaches.

My favourite Dubai beaches are Jumeirah beach and Mamzar park beach.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is about 25 minutes drive from the Dubai city centre. Jumeirah beach is world famous because of Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You can visit the 7 star hotel if you are planning visit this beach.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the beautifu Jemeirah 					beach in Dubai.

Jumeirah beach is a few kilometres long. Not very crowded. Barbecue facilities are available in many places. Lifesavers are on duty throughout the day.

Jumeirah beach is a very safe place even for children. Water is very shallow. There is a road parallel to the beach. You can drive and select the best spot for you.

Watch the Dubai Jemirah beach video

Mamzar Beach

Mamzar is a famous park in Dubai. One border of the park is the lovely Mamzar beach. Therefore you need to buy tickets to the park to access the beach.

Mamzar beach one of the best Dubai beaches

Mamzar is also about 25 minutes drive from the city centre, but in a different direction from Jumeirah beach. This beach is made for holidaymakers. It has barbecue spots, chalets and many more facilities to attract visitors.

Watch the Dubai Al Mamzar beach video

Jebel Ali Beach in Dubai

Jebel Ali Beach in Dubai.

Jebel Ali is about 40 KM away from the Dubai city. Jebel Ali is famous due to various things. Most of the duty free industrial zones are located in Jebel Ali. It is also known as a place of good Golf Clubs, holiday resorts and hotels.

But Jebel Ali is more famous because of the beautiful beach and proposed Palm Island development. Also there are lot of luxury apartment buildings are in Jebel Ali.

The Dubai beach does not have large waves. Especially Mamzar beach is almost like a swimming pool. However, Jumeirah beach has waves on windy days. You will have to wait for a good day if you are planning windsurfing.

Friday is the weekend in Dubai. Dubai beaches are a bit crowded on Thursday evenings and Fridays.

The bad news is alcohol is not permitted in public places in Dubai. That includes Dubai beaches. Therefore donít expect beach bars along the beach.

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