Cost of Living in Dubai

Cost of living in Dubai varies depending on the lifestyle and spending habits. I will provide you figures of expenses from different angels for you to get a rough estimate.

Rent of houses are the major contributor of cost of living in Dubai.

Rent of an average one-bedroom apartment is around U$1000 a month. This is based on a long stay contract basis. There are cheaper and more expensive apartments, depending on the area, quality, other facilities etc.

Rent of a villa unit in a compound is around U$3000 U$4000. Again there are cheaper and very expensive villas/units.

An average meal from a normal restaurant by the road will cost you around U$10 per person. A good meal from a decent restaurant will cost you around U$25 per person.

No telephone call fee within Dubai and is very cheap for other states.

A visit to a nightclub (including meals and liquor) will cost you around U$30.

Fuel is very cheap. I would say a bottle of drinking water is more expensive than fuel. But Taxi fare is bit expensive. They will charge you around U$1.5 per Km.

Assuming that you are going to cook all your meals at least 5 days a week, groceries for a couple will cost around U$700 per month.

School fees for children are fairly expensive. The most expensive schools are the ones managed by British or Americans. There are cheaper schools managed by Asians.

How to reduce the cost of living in Dubai without compromising the quality of your lifestyle?

Rent is the most expensive part of the cost of living in Dubai. The best option is to negotiate for a rent allowance with your employer.

Ask for a school fees allowance if you have kids.

Shopping is also a major contributor to your monthly expenses. Especially if you are addicted to shopping. Cut down unnecessary shopping and avoid visiting shops, which are selling costly items. Visit shopping in Dubai page for a complete review of shopping.

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