Construction Jobs in Dubai
How to find them?

In numbers, construction jobs in Dubai are the highest in the world. Do you know why? Dubai is the place, which has highest number of construction sites in the world. This page will show you how to find vacancies and get a good construction job in Dubai.

Type of construction jobs in Dubai

With the boom of real estate market in Dubai, investors from all over the world started investing in Dubai properties. Therefore the private sector started massive number of construction projects. The Dubai government also started large construction projects to support the booming economy, international business and travel sectors. Below are major types of construction projects currently going on in Dubai

- Residential apartments
- Office complexes
- Shopping malls
- Leisure centres
- Infrastructure
- Hotels and resorts

Construction jobs in Dubai has two categories
Onsite jobs These are the field jobs. It has a range of vacancies starting from helper to senior Project Managers. There is a high demand for engineers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and bricklayers.

Offsite jobs These jobs are related to construction, but mainly office based. For an example an Accountant with construction projects costing experience, General Managers etc.

Important information about construction projects in Dubai

Dubai is extremely warm during the summer (April September). It is very hard to work outside during the day. Therefore most of the construction work has two shifts during the summer. One starts early in the morning and run till around 10:00am. Then the evening shift starts around 5:00pm (depending on the weather).

How to get construction jobs in Dubai?

The competition is very high for construction jobs. Here are few useful method to get a job in the construction field in Dubai.

1) Through Internet
Go to Google and search for following words:
Construction companies in Dubai
Property developers in Dubai
Then visit the sites and get the contact details. Then fax, mail or email your resume.

2) Through Dubai Yellow Pages
Visit and search companies for above words in Dubai.

Then go to the websites of all major companies and list down contact phone numbers, fax and email addresses. Some websites of construction companies are advertising their vacancies. Apply directly if you found one.

Guaranteed method to get a construction job in Dubai

As mentioned earlier, the competition is very high for jobs in Dubai. The Dubai Job Secret e-book has everything you should know to beat the competition and get a job faster. It has all insider secrets, tips and strategies of the Dubai job market.

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