How to Get a Cheap Flight to Dubai?
Here are places for discount airfare to Dubai and
Tips to get cheap tickets to Dubai

Getting a cheap flight to Dubai is depending on few things. The main one is from where are you flying to Dubai. We’ll explain this in detail later. Let’s see who is providing cheap tickets to Dubai.

We have made it very easy for you. Below is a very advance tool to compare best airfare to Dubai. Just use it and see who provides the cheapest flights to Dubai during your period of travel.

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First and Business Class Travel to Dubai

Business class travel is becoming more affordable day by day. If you are travelling on a weekday then there is a chance that you may get a very special price for first or business class tickets.

Why the above travel companies can provide chap flights to Dubai?

Travel companies are getting bulk discounts from airlines based on best performing travel sectors. For an example a particular company is selling more tickets from US to Dubai then they are getting a bigger discount from airlines than a travel agent who is selling less tickets in that sector.

After a detailed research, we found that the above online travel companies are providing best price to Dubai in the respective sector. However, There is an exception for UK and Europe. Emirates Airlines is dominating that sector. Therefore they want to hold their position and providing cheap flights to Dubai through their online reservation system.

For those who want to squeeze a bit more

There are few more tricks to get a further discounted fare to Dubai.

Priceline auctions

Priceline auction is a great place to get cheap tickets to Dubai. The only problem is you cannot plan your trip well in advance. Here is why.

Airlines are selling unsold seats at a bargain price through Priceline auctions. However, this is almost a last minute deal. Airline is trying to sell as much seats as possible till the last minute before going to Priceline. But its worth checking as I have seen many bargains well in advance to the departure date.

Dubai duty free shopping complex in the Dubai international Airport.

Travel on weekdays

Airfare to Dubai is always cheaper on weekdays than weekends. The best days to travel are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Use different routes

If you are not travelling with a large family and flexible about travel time, then you can consider different routes to Dubai, which can provide discount airfare. The transit time can be a bit lengthy at certain destinations. However, the discount can be as large as 50%.

Target major events in Dubai

Another option to get cheap flight to Dubai is to target special festivals organized by the Dubai government. Emirates Airlines online reservations provide special discount airfares during these festival seasons. Dubai Shopping Festival is specially held to attract overseas shoppers. This is the best festival to grab cheap tickets. Below are a few of the major festivals and usual months of those festivals. Visit to find exact dates of each festival.

- Dubai TEKNO Exhibition for Industrial Machinery & Machine Tools (Jan)
- The Dubai Tennis Championships (Feb – March)
- Dubai Summer Surprise (June – September)
- UAE Desert Challenge (November)
- GITEX Computer exhibition (November)
- Dubai Airshow (Nov)
- Dubai Rugby Sevens (late Nov – mid Dec)
- Dubai shopping festival (Dec – Feb)

Travel during summer season in Dubai

If you are OK with the hot weather, then travel during summer (May – Sep) will help you to get a cheap flight to Dubai. Tourism drops down during summer months in Dubai. Therefore Dubai government conduct special promotions and discount airfare to encourage visitors. Again Emirates online reservations is the best place to get this special airfare.

Other Useful Tips

Liquor is not freely available in Dubai. Visitors can get liquor only from nightclubs or a bar in a hotel. Liquor is expensive in Dubai. So buy as much as possible from duty free shops.

It is very important to understand Dubai Visa Requirements before booking your holiday.

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