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What Does it Take to be a Business Analyst in Dubai?

Having observed a multitude of job profiles and the way of functioning in corporations round the globe, it might be quite conspicuous that same profiles have different roles and responsibilities associated with them. One such job profile to consider is that of a business analyst. It’s true that the career path of a business analyst […]

Job in a Cruise Ship: What it Entails

With thousands of people opting for cruise ships to travel around the world, cruising has grown up to become one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism in the world. Simultaneously as you might read the article, there’ll be 40 cruise liners built in some corner of the world, waiting for people to get on […]

Airline Jobs: Emerging Career For the Young Expat Women

The expatriate populace in the Middle East thrives in a very dynamic environment and strives really hard to adjust to the altogether changed lifestyle. However, life is a little different for an expat woman as the fairer sex has a little more demands and needs than the male herd. Taking into consideration the culturally oppressive […]

Dubai Employment Market: The Best-Paying Marketing Jobs of Tomorrow

If you are a person with a penchant for working in a creative field and that too in a flourishing economy where you will be paid for your innovative ideas; then move towards the central part of Asia, Dubai. The employment market on a global basis has become more practical and technological in nature. This […]