Has Education Field In Dubai “Turned Over a New Leaf” ?

The education field in the Dubai employment market is oozing with good opportunities. Moreover, the field is known to offer jobs that are quite stress free and are also considered to be popular amongst those who want a rewarding career. In the recent times, there has been a major wave generated in the education domain of Dubai and the so-called “hidden job market player” has finally come into the lime light. You can safely consider the fact that the education jobs in Dubai are fast gaining popularity amongst people of both the sexes and those facing tough times managing home and work life.

There are reasons behind expatriates and natives choosing education jobs in Dubai. We bring you the points here:

  1. Low Stress Job Role

Practically speaking, there is nothing like ‘low-stress’ or ‘stress-free’ job role. If there is a need to earn well and survive in this big bad world, then a little stress is obvious. The maximum working hours that one has to put in hardly exceeds 5 hours or the very entity varies according to the level of classes taken up; college or school. Whatever the case be, teaching jobs are widely considered as low stress career option with good pay and perks to enjoy.

  1. Ideal for the Fairer Sex

Well the common notion that a woman has to be adjusting and able enough to handle the work-life both do exist in developed cities like Dubai. The perks, holidays and the option of flexible timings make career in education field ideal for women and girls. Moreover, the job role will offer you benefits like 5-6 months of maternity paid leaves, options for teachers and professors to choose subjects other than their specialization. The benefits offered in here makes it best career choice for all you ladies out there.

  1. Sit At Home & Earn

If you are an experienced teacher/professor or someone into this job role, then you can actually earn from home as well. A teacher or a professor builds his good will during his career only and this good will pays off later. You can maintain that very image and students will be there at your doorstep for your guidance. With this, new moms and people who can’t make it out in colleges or schools for job can now sit relaxed at home and still earn huge bucks.

  1. Not Just Teaching But Much More

Career choices in the education field are not merely restricted to being a teacher but there is lot more attached to it now. You can be a part of administration, marketing or even the human resources department. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to be a part of stressful corporate world but still want to be into high-profile job roles then education domain will be your deal. Dubai pays off really well in all the job fields and when it comes to education then per capita income soars really high.

  1. High Income Levels

Education jobs in Dubai are counted amongst the high-paying jobs in the city’s employment market. If you are a part of public sector then the pay will be standardized as per the governmental policies and if there is a case of a private college then also one can expect a good pay. There are big corporations, catering to different domains, generously fund them. So, you can definitely expect fortunes if you are already there or planning to be a part of the education domain in the dynamic city of Dubai.


Dubai is ready to pay you well and offer you a good standard of life style. The cost of living is a little expensive but still nothing can beat the good life and a high per capita income that job options in Dubai offer.

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