Can Career Shift Relieve a Woman’s Work-Life Worries?

Life of a woman is full of challenges and every stage of her life bespeaks a story of courage, taking risks and overcoming fears. If she personifies beauty then on the other had she is a fierce lioness, capable of face risks that she may stumble upon on a daily basis. The severity of challenges and situations changes with leap a woman makes in her life that places her into altogether a different stage of life. Let us explore the concern from an elaborate perspective:

Life of a 21st Century Woman: The Challenges Explored

The 21st century is said to be led by the power and influence of the fairer sex, which is independent, working and highly balanced. However, things change when the soft shoulders of a woman starts getting burdened with onus of a family, kids and elders. A life that’s completely different from what was been led before. Stress and extra responsibilities creep in and this takes a toll on the career and dreams of a free woman.

The main challenge that a working woman may face is maintaining a perfect equilibrium of work and personal time. This is a noble goal that every individual strive to achieve but the situation is stiff for women as there are other important things that she needs to see. At the cross-roads, there are two options left with the individual; quitting the job or changing the career altogether.

Which turn of the road to choose? Quitting may seem easy but career change is not a bad idea as well.  Let us see how taking either of the decisions can impact a woman’s life. The discussion here will also offer a guide path of effectively achieving a work-life balance, the ‘lady of house’ has dreamt of.

Life-Changing Decisions

Decisions related to career can actually be life changing one as work is the center focus of one’s life.  Travelling through ages, the world has evolved so much but the notion “Male member should be the ‘bread winner’ and woman is the home-maker” hasn’t. At one point of time, a situation arises where the working woman has to choose between a healthy family and a successful career; wherein usually the former is considered.

Quitting the job is the only option that is left in front of them and then a break in career is observed for a longer period of time. Companies nowadays tolerate a set number of years or months of break in professional history; therefore, number of months beyond the set limit can trim down the chances of getting selected by an employer. Moreover, thinking about remaining updated and staying abreast of changing trends is out of question personal responsibilities occupy the daily schedule.

This may seem quiet selfish to some but compromising completely on career can be a foolish decision unless the situation is extremely tough. Not pondering enough before taking a decision can be devastating and can change a woman’s life for bad. How about a career change? Or How about a full-time profile in a company that offers a great deal of flexibility in working style? For all the women out there, here’s a map to a ‘Good Life’.

Female Professionals Can Now Have a ‘Good Life’

Beyond salaries, perks and praises, there are other things that a woman wants and it is a career where she remains happy and has relaxed personal life as well. Nowadays, the companies have gone global and clients are demanding. The work environment these days is such that staying at office late sounds like a general practice. In such cases, the life of a female professional is hugely affected and the peace at home starts diminishing.

In such cases, making a shift in the career is the best option rather than backing off completely from the professional arena. A female professional can make her life good by choosing a job role that is less tiring and not demanding as well. Moreover, the change in the career will be at her midlife stage and the career paradigm will also be different; therefore, choosing a job role wisely becomes important. Here are few job roles that fit into a woman’s busy life, right in:

  1. Teaching: The work involves limited hours and perks are excellent. Shifting to this domain is easy as the profile accepts people with good communication skills and professional experience is often considered good for courses that require analyzing case studies.
  2. Content Writers/Authors: The work involves 9 hours however, companies do offer work from home facility as the data is not sensitive. The job role is less stressful as the resources for content can be fetched from world web.  Women can think about shifting to this career as this requires an averagely good writing skills and speaking skills. Rest of the skills can be brushed up while on the go!
  1. Front Desk Professionals: Front desk job roles like that of a receptionist or attendants can be a good option for women who are at executive level and are burdened with responsibilities. Generally, such profiles have 2-3 professionals and involve working in shifts. The job is stress-free as this involves merely attending clients and maintaining database of visitors. A shift in such a job role can be easy as the lady professional is expected to have a pleasing personality and a good art of speaking.
  1. Librarian: A survey done by a known job site, published on the prestigious TIME in the first quarter of 2014, the job of a librarian is listed amongst the top 10 least stressful jobs. The job role involves managing books and attending the readers is what librarian has to do. Apart from this, managing database is also a part of the job role. Making a career shift in this role is easier as female professionals can fit right in and relevant experience is seldom asked for.
  1. A Small Business at Home: The working class nowadays is realizing the fact that doing something on one’s own is better than being referred as a ‘corporate slave’. While working in a firm, a professional gains enough expertise into client handling and managing huge volume of work. Starting a business at home will not only offer a woman a chance to stay with family but will also source of motivation for her. This requires absolutely no great deal of career shift logic. If a woman understands the market and customer sentiments, sky is the limit for her.
  1. FreeLancer:  A little different concept from making a complete career shift, being a freelancer can be enriching from life’s point of view and there are job profiles that can be changed to completely freelance profile. Apart from this, there are women professionals who leave their full-time stressful job and opt for freelance profiles like writing, consultancy etc. This involves easy career shift as this concept can be applied in many job roles.

Countries Are Donning A New Look Too!

Developed countries have companies stationed that operate in a democratic way and think about the people. However, there are countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia where companies operate on strict employment laws and flexibility has been given no space. Even making a career change used to appear difficult as the employee contracts won’t let you quit that easily and move in a direction that a working professional may think about.

In the recent times, the face of the companies located in these countries has changed and now the employee contracts have now become less stringent so that employees; especially women can have freedom to adjust their personal lives well and can quit to go for a favorable career change. Now, a woman who is into a good paying job in the UAE or connected federation can also have a life of their own and importantly decisions of their own.

Finally, It’s the Emotional Support That Matters

No matter how many profiles a working woman digs out for making a favorable career shift, if there is lack of emotional support from the friends and acquaintances the decision can turn into a bad one. More than professional perks, a career shift is about getting emotional reward at all facets.

A working woman who decides to make a career shift may be leaving a good paying job to go for a least stressful but low paying employment opportunity. This may hurt someone but there will be people who will support the decision. It’s always good to be with positive people as they can pave a way for you to grow and flourish in the new endeavor.

Last Words

There is a difference between a job change and a career change. A career change can be a big crucial decision as it involves shifting to a new paradigm, job profile and domain altogether. A working woman play roles of a mother, sister, wife and what not and simultaneously holds a responsible position at workplace as well. A good choice backing the decision of career change can be both enriching and advantageous from all aspects.

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