Job in a Cruise Ship: What it Entails

With thousands of people opting for cruise ships to travel around the world, cruising has grown up to become one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism in the world. Simultaneously as you might read the article, there’ll be 40 cruise liners built in some corner of the world, waiting for people to get on board.

An interesting fact to note is that in spite of a plethora of career opportunities being taken up by professionals in shipping industry abroad, the room for talented individuals never seems to die up.

Building on the same line of thought, the article will talk about securing a job in the shipping industry in any corner of the world, along with certain idiosyncrasies associated with the same.


Getting Employed on a Cruise Ship

Needless to state that be it any form of job hunting, more the number of recruiters you contact, more are the chances of you making the cut with ease. This includes registering yourself on all prominent job-search websites and applying to as many cruise lines and agencies you can. However, for this to happen smoothly, it’s imperative that you are up to the mark with your homework and have targeted companies that are in sync with skills you possess.

Though, a multitude of 18 year olds manage to score a job in cruise liners, but a lot of cruise companies are reluctant to hire individuals below the age of 21, as for certain area like bars and casinos that’s the minimum age criteria.


Pay Attention to ‘Details’

Before taking any step forth, it’s quite significant for you to ascertain the correct address of the division pertinent to the kind of work you seek. It is quite essential to address your application to the relevant department (to the concerned person as well), as the chances of a speculative application making it to the correct department are quite meagre.

When getting acquainted with the details, ask for specifics like the name and job title of the person to whom the application has to be sent. Plus, you may also know that cruise line office are caught with loads of work year long, so unsolicited telephone calls might not work in your favor. However, to blurt it out in practical terms, in a lot of cases, making a call might be the only viable option to procure the name and necessary details. In such a case calling at off-hours is the hack that works, as the person answering such communication is more approachable. Remember, that such personnel might not have the slightest of bearing on your hiring prospects and your utmost priority should be getting the details of the person concerned with the same.


The Right Drill to Apply

Having been sure about the contact details of your targeted employer, it’s time to present your details in the most professional manner. Build your resume in the most concise and efficient way, along with enclosing letters from references, also include a recent photograph to keep your application complete.

You might also notice certain companies sending you an official form to fill. In such a case add whatever additional details that deem fit to the job role, along with experiences that demonstrate your skills and expertise in the field.

A follow-up telephone call is always healthy, as long as it’s kept subtle. However, company files in cruise line companies are renewed on a regular basis. So if you haven’t been contacted for a period of six months or more, it’s always preferable to send a fresh application and follow the procedure again.


Without a doubt, it is one of the most fun employment avenues to put your efforts in. Plus, scoring a job is a child’s play too, considered that you’ve kept the aforementioned under due consideration. So without further ado, get going. The sea across the globe awaits your presence.