Airline Jobs: Emerging Career For the Young Expat Women

The expatriate populace in the Middle East thrives in a very dynamic environment and strives really hard to adjust to the altogether changed lifestyle. However, life is a little different for an expat woman as the fairer sex has a little more demands and needs than the male herd. Taking into consideration the culturally oppressive nature of the countries, you may find performing in a particular career with full dedication and independence a little tough. However, regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have broken down the notion and offering a very broader and flourishing platforms for women to perform.

Out of all, there is one career domain that has got popularity in the recent times and that is the Airline Industry. There are a number of jobs that the industry offers that are both high-paying and offers abundant of professional exposure.

Let us explore some of the rewarding airline jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities for women:

  1. Air Hostess

If you dream about flying high in the sky and experience the world from heights then being an Air Hostess can be the best deal of your life. If you are a woman who has the right physical statistics and adequate educational qualifications then you can easily get into this profession. The job opportunity can yield better results if the professional chooses to work in flourishing economies like that of Dubai or any other upbeat Middle East’s regions. Being an air hostess can be a luxury as you will get a chance to have excellent discounts from car hire, to restaurants, clothing shops and even beauticians.

  1. Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot is counted amongst the most rewarding airline job opportunities in Dubai. The job role is extremely flexible and offers excellent work/life balance. These professionals are required to work for specific amount of days in given months and then they can have a long break later on. The remuneration earned by the pilots depends upon the organization they are associated with. There are a number of flights that takes up the route from Dubai to different parts of the world. If you are a pilot who is working in the city of Dubai then you will definitely have a hand over a good pay package as well as a better life.

  1. Operating Engineers

The operating engineers are the ones who earn and flourish a lot in the airline industry of Dubai. As an operating engineer, you will be required to take care of the complex air designing and engineering designs that goes with it. Moreover, these engineers belong to niche domain and hence professionals of high experience or fresh talents from good colleges are accepted here. Moreover, if you are into this profession then you can have the perk of travelling at a very lower cost or sometimes free as well.

  1. Back-Office Professionals

There are a range of back-office professionals working in Human Resources, Administration or General Maintenance. The job roles in this area are all rewarding and are high-paying. Apart from this, the professionals get to work in a very livable environment and the policies that support flexibility as well. This way expat women can have an easy time working here in Dubai or any part of the Middle East that have a flourishing corporate culture.

  1. Cabin Crew

Gone are the days when cabin crew was considered to be a shop-floor level of job role. Nowadays, cabin crew has undergone a change and people are getting a good remuneration these days. Just like men, women are also joining the same bandwagon. The women professionals are getting better pay packages, work/life balance and an excellent lifestyle.