Top 5 Healthcare Companies To Work For in Dubai

UAE pharmaceutical industry the second largest in the world and therefore, the employment market here has a lot of job opportunities for the local as well as expatriates. Moreover, the UAE has recorded the highest annual sales per capita on medicines in the GCC from last 3 consecutive years. The encouraging data is also a result of the tremendous support from the government’s side to raise the position of the healthcare industry on the global landscape. Further, market demographics and flourishing economy of the GCC has also enabled the noteworthy growth of the sector and has ensured high remuneration as well.


Here is a list of top 5 companies based out in Dubai that every medical/healthcare professional, native or expat, can look up to:

  1. Johnson & Johnson Middle East

Johnson & Johnson and its branches in different parts of the Middle East is a huge source of high-paying employment opportunities. The company has a swanky facility in the Dubai health care city area and houses thousands of employees who work towards formulating quality and world class products. Johnson & Johnson manufactures healthcare and optical products for its consumers and has a huge global presence. Healthcare professionals, new or experienced can have a successful stint here and get good pay package as well.

  1. Alchemist Healthcare LLC

Alchemist Healthcare LLC is a UAE based healthcare company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Healthcare MENA Limited. Apart from a huge headquarter in Dubai, the company has 21 facilities in 4 major GCC cities and is known to be a huge employment source for one and many. Alchemist has specially equipped hospitals, medical centers, specialist clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. This is actually a great chance for the local or expat medical professional to try hands at having a high-paying pharma job in Dubai.

  1. Sanofi Aventis UAE

Another company that is known at a global level and is said to offer healthcare professionals, an array of pharma jobs in UAE is Sanofi Aventis. The company has a state-of-the-art R&D department, a world-class range of medicines and is also specialized in marketing innovative therapeutic solutions. Sanofi is renowned on a global level and is said to offer some of the best-paying jobs to both national as well as expatriates who visit Dubai for a better life. Apart from offering jobs to experienced professionals, Sanofi Aventis offers corporate opportunities to trainees and interns as well.

  1. Novo Nordisk Pharma Gulf

Novo Nordisk is one of the well-known healthcare companies that work with an aim to cure diabetes, ultimately. The healthcare firm is located in different parts of the world and has an equipped facility in the United Arab Emirates. As for the employment, the opportunities are bright and are high-paying as well. The job roles are into research & development, IT, sales, and many other flourishing fields. Apart from this, professionals can also have the chance to relocate to different countries and work remotely from there. Students and graduates can also be a part of the globally acclaimed healthcare firm.

  1. Astra Zeneca

The professionals who want to try their hands at some of the high-paying jobs in the healthcare field can approach Astra Zeneca. The company is stationed in more than 100 countries and has a growing presence in important emerging markets. Astra Zeneca Leading global healthcare company providing offers medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology for bioscience, medication delivery and renal to its consumers. Professionals or job aspirants who want to make a career into healthcare firms can approach the company.


Dubai has a flourished economy and the industries operating here are progressing. With growing demand of skilled workforce in its healthcare domain, an expat or the local can have the chance to grab the best of employment roles that are satisfying as well as high-paying too.