Top 5 shopping ideas at Duty Free Shops in the Dubai airport

Whether you are arriving to Dubai or departing, Dubai duty free shops at the airport have many things to offer. It is quite confusing which shop to go as you will be lost among hundreds of eye catching shops and goods in them.

There are items that you can buy from almost any airport. However, Dubai airport shops have few unique items you may want to look at.

Gold and Jewelry

If you can afford, Dubai is one of the best places in the world to buy Gold as prices are much cheaper than in other countries.  All the Gold and jewelry shops at Dubai Duty Free are reputable and you can assure that the quality is very high.

Electrical and Electronic Items

Electrical items and electronics are very cheap in Duty Free shops. Make sure to request international warranty when you buy electronics. Following are the top items you can buy from these shops.

  • Mobile phones including all type of smart phones
  • Cameras
  • Games such as Nintendo
  • MP3 Players


If you want to buy top brands of perfume then Dubai Duty Free is the place. You will go crazy when you visit perfume shops.

Designer Sunglasses

World’s top brands are sold for very cheap at the Duty Free shops. The specialty is that the massive choice of sunglasses to suit everyone’s needs.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

This is the place where ladies go crazy. World’s best costumes and skincare products are  at your fingertips if you can afford to.

Click here to get the full list of items you can buy at Dubai Airport Duty Free shops.

If you are departing then make sure that you have plenty of time for your flight before visiting Duty Free shops. It is a fact that many people have missed their flights while shopping in Duty Free shops at the Dubai Airport. Keep in mind that this is a massive shopping complex with thousands of eye catching items. It is natural to forget about your flight.

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