Souks in Dubai

When you visit Dubai you will hear the word “souk” quite often. Souk is an Arabic word meaning the market or a place to buy and sell goods. Long time ago souks in Dubai were started for traders to bring their goods and trade for money or goods.  Subsequently, they became permanent places for traders.

If you are visiting Dubai then there are few souks you must visit and experience traditional Arabic style marketplaces.

Gold Souk

This is one of the amazing places in Dubai. This may be the only place in the world where you can see thousands of kilograms of Gold jewellery for sale in one market place.

Over the years, Dubai has gained recognition as the City of Gold. The gold souk is at the suburb city of Deira in Dubai. It has about 275 big and small gold retail shops that leave shoppers a massive choice and an opportunity to bargain.

Girls of the new generation in the Middle East are not interested in Gold Jewellery. They go for beads and semi-precious gems. Gold souk in Dubai has few shops where you can buy beads and related jewellery.

The prices at Dubai Gold souk are very attractive. Remember the trick. Always ask for a discount. A massive discount, at least 30% – 40% discount.

Spice Souk

You may not eat spicy food. But you will definitely like spice souk in Dubai. The walk down the spice souk takes you to another era altogether. There are narrow streets which are lined up with shops selling all kinds of spices and herbs. The fragrance in the area is so over whelming that it feels like as if we have stepped back in times long gone.

The shops in the souk sell spices and herbs like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts and also incense which is brought here from all parts of the Middle East. Remember to have a small chat with shop owners. They love to talk about herbs and

Textiles Souk

Textiles souk at Bur Dubai (suburban city) is a place where you can spend an entire evening effortlessly. Selection of materials and ready-made garments are so vast and you will be hoping from one shop to another looking for more and more varieties.

Textiles of different varieties and brands from different parts of the world are available in Dubai textile souk.

Car Insurance in Dubai – Top Insurance Providers

The city of Dubai is well known for its bountiful oil produce. Many tycoons have built their empires in the emirate as the demand for crude products increases all over the world. Needless to say that Dubai is the best place to work but the discovery of massive oil fields in the city has led to an influx in the need of engineers and personnel to man these rigs and ensure that operations continue moving forward.

Dubai and the entire UAE are giants in the field of energy as a good portion of the world’s oil supply comes from these emirates and the owners of the conglomerates are have set a foothold in the nation and keep it afloat. It is within reason that oil prices in these regions are less than the prices all over the world since the distributors do not have to worry about the massive cost of having to transfer the produce to another location. It is therefore more of an investment to buy an automobile in these parts. It is for these same reasons that car insurance in Dubai is of vital importance to the denizens as the mobiles have to be transported from the manufacturers’ shops into the city and the increase in the cost is quite substantial due to the location of Dubai.

There is quite the number companies offering car insurance in Dubai but there are many things to note when choosing an insurance plan just as much work is finding a trustworthy insurance provider and, of course, one has to take into account the car that is about to have insured, as certain cars have the habit of always breaking down. This makes them harder to have insured than an automotive which has a clean slate when it comes to having breakdowns and the like.

Age is another factor for insurance brokers for both the car and the user as it is statistically showed that males below the age of 25 have a harder time getting deals or getting them at a lower price range and cars aging 5 and above are sure to be a challenge to have insured; something to keep in mind when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Also note the policies of the insurance company on whether they cover the damages that may incur in everyday use of the vehicle as most plans do not include sand damage or damage induced by off-road driving, plus damage incurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are non-insurable. A car cannot be registered in the state until it is insured, another note to take into consideration when choosing a vehicle to take into the garage. Take these things into account when purchasing any vehicle; one may opt to change one’s lifestyle beforehand.

Famous insurance companies in the area which offer a comprehensive package for cars and other vehicles include Al Ittihad Al Watani General Insurance Company, RSA Insurance, AXA Gulf, Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers, HSBC (which offer motor insurance plans in the UAE and Dubai), Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Al Hamed Enterprises, Al Khazana Insurance Company, Alliance Insurance (based in Dubai), National General Insurance (Dubai), Metlife Alico (Dubai) and many more. The obvious choices on a good company can vary depending on the background of the owner, the model and state of the vehicle and the general use of the automobile. Generally speaking, insurance brokers in the UAE or cities like Abu Dhabi also offer their programs for people seeking car insurance in Dubai.

In general, having a vehicle insured is a good investment as no one can predict the future. But having a comprehensive package for a car insurance in Dubai is also of vital importance. Negotiations are a key when striking a deal with the brokers and will always bring the documents or certifications of the insurance arrangements in an easy to access location in cases of emergencies.

Florists in Dubai

Florists in Dubai have different varieties of flowers to offer their clients. They can be found online and the prices of their offers can be compared by visiting their respective websites.  Some of the florists found in Dubai are:

Upscale and Posh – They boast of offering services of order online. They have flowers for different occasions such as birthday, new baby, romance, for him, for her, get well et. Their prices range from $40 to $200+. – Also have ‘order online’ services. They have discounts like the mother’s day special discount of 5%. Their flowers are classified for affable Spirits, Warm additions, pleasant ideas, and fresh considerations among many others. Their prices range from $45 to $450.

Forever florist – Has a combination of gift sets like the mother’s day bouquets. Their prices range from $27.99 to $107.99

Tips when visiting florists in Dubai

  • You can request to customize it
  • Check the delivery date and time (delivery time is very important)
  • Always ask for discounts
  • Some suppliers send free gifts with flowers.
  • Mode of payment of flower shops in Dubai can vary and there may be additional charges for credit card payments. Check this before it is too late.
  • Check whether delivery is free of there is a fee for it.

The packaging and occasions for the flowers matter a lot and when selecting florists in Dubai, consider the way they offer the flowers and for varied occasions. These could be Gift baskets and bouquets, graduation, sympathy, get well, new baby, congratulations, am sorry, just for fun among others. They should allow arrangement in short or tall vase, trunks, roses or lilies.

The best way to do window shopping for florists in Dubai is simply to use the Internet so as to visit as many sites as possible within a convenient time.

Baby shops in Dubai

Living in Dubai will give you almost everything you need. If you are starting a family and is planning to buy baby stuff, it is important that you know the right store. One of the easiest ways to find a good shop for baby’s items is going to a big mall. Take for instance the Dubai Mall. It has all the shops that every shopaholic is looking for. BabyShop store in Dubai mall is one of the best baby shops in Dubai. You can find all infant items that you will need in this shop. You can be assured that by buying from this outlet, you get safe and authentic products for your little ones.

Reliable Baby Shops in Dubai

Here are few other reliable stores in Dubai for baby products.

  • Just Kidding (
  • Dubai Babies (
  • Dubai Baby Shop (

When you are looking for items for your baby, there are some things to consider. One is it is important that you already know the gender. Usually, you will know it when you are on your fifth month. Determining the gender of the baby will help you find the right items for him or her. You will also be able to find the right colors and room items. It is very important that you go to regular check up to know the condition of the baby, his or her size and possible weight. This will give you an idea on what will be the sizes of clothes to buy.

Aside from knowing the gender, it is also important that you check the material of the products you are going to buy. It is helpful if you choose the authentic products from reputable brand. This way, you can ensure that the items are lead-free and safe from other toxic materials. You will not only protect your baby, you are also sure to have the items last long. Authentic items from reputable brands are durable and despite the slightly higher price, you won’t have problems using it.

Quality baby products are usually expensive in Dubai. So do your homework and buy from a reliable baby shop.

Health insurance in Dubai

Health insurance is a very essential aspect, and it may be a daunting task to choose which one would be the best plan especially when there are a lot of options available. If you are in Dubai and in search for the best health insurance plan, read on below for some tips that might help you out before deciding:

1. What type of plan do you specifically need? Every person or family has their own unique preferences that should be considered. Do you have a lot of family members? Do you plan on listing several dependents? These are only some of the questions you will need to determine first to specifically choose which plan can cater to all your needs.

2. Compare, compare and compare. This is a very obvious tip, but always the most forgotten one. It would not hurt to canvass and call each company so you can decide better. Ask about key things such as monthly premiums, rates, immunizations, mental health coverage and long term care.

3. Consider the company name. This is one of those instances when you must consider the name of the company and the reputation it holds. Leading health insurance companies are usually the most sought after in terms of quality and reliability. Here are some of the leading names in Dubai that you can consider:
*Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
*Aetna Global Benefits
*Ahlan Care
*Al Ahleia Insurance
*Al Dhafra Insurance Co.
*Al Fujariah National Insurance Co.
*Al Hamed Enterprises

4. Seek the help of a health insurance agent. Some people actually find it easier to ask for the help of a health insurance agent, as it saves them a lot of time and work to do. However, make sure you choose a reliable and trustworthy agent to help you out.

5. Ask for referrals. Personal experiences are always the best teacher. Ask your friends and co-workers if they can recommend a few company names that you can start working on with.