Dubai Used Boats Show 2011

Here is a chance if you want to buy a boat or a yacht for a fraction of the market price. Dubai used boats show is the only event of this kind in the region. The first show was in 2010 and was very successful.

Following are the event details

Date: 17 – 19 November 2011
Place: Dubai Creek Marina

What can you expect in Dubai pre-owned boats show 2011?

You can buy a wide variety of used boats and yachts directly from its current owner.  The boats and yachts will be in the range of 27 to 165 feet long. There will be stalls from boat finance companies, insurance agents, boat accessories, boat maintenance services and supplies.

On the other hand, if you own a boat and want to get rid of it then this event is a good opportunity to do so. Who knows, there will be boat owners who may want to exchange their boats with your one.

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Dubai Holiday Season is Coming

From October to February is the holiday season (winter season) in Dubai. The weather is perfect during these months for a memorable holiday.

Perhaps it is the warm gulf waters on the Arabian Sea, or the impressive sand dunes of the Middle East. No matter which natural wonder inspires the traveller, Dubai is an awesome place to visit. This coastal city has been inhabited for over five thousand years. Like most of the Middle East, its native people were originally nomadic and herded animals.

From the desert to the impressive beaches, this city delivers. No wonder it has attracted so many tourists each year. Many airlines offer exceptional deals on flights to Dubai making travel to this exotic destination even more attractive. As with most international travel, it is advised to do good research and make reservations for possible travel deals. Passports and travel visas also must be secured ahead of time. Reservations for accommodations or certain attractions are also recommended.

Although there are many hotels from which to choose with certain amenities and prices, it might be worth checking into what may be the world’s first seven-star hotel: The Burj Al-Arab Hotel. This uber-luxurious hotel is shaped like a graceful wind sail and stands at 1,053 on its own fabricated island. Its 600 foot tall atrium is a world’s record and houses magnificent suites from one to five grand per night. There is even an underwater restaurant in the Buri Al-Arab.

When visiting Dubai, there are a few things that one must see. The first is the pristine beaches. While winding down Jumeirah Road, tourists will see miles of warm turquoise waters and soft, powder-sugar white sand. Another popular beach area is the Al Mamzar Park. This park includes playgrounds for the children, barbecue sites, and plenty of picnic areas. While there are several things to see in Dubai, this beach park has to be top on the vacation itinerary.

It is no big secret that Dubai is a wealthy country. The proof is the Covered Gold Souk in Deira. This area drips with gold and is the largest retail market for gold in the entire world. Deira is full of jewellery shops and modern malls. Shoppers can see designs in 18 to 22 carat gold with influences from Indian to Italian. For those who are perfume aficionados, a visit to Dubai would not be complete without shopping at the Perfume Souk. This shopping centre on Sikkat Al Khali Street surrounds visitors with innumerable fragrances. People are able to have master perfumers create a personalized fragrance of their own.

If luxurious carpets are on the tourist’s shopping list, then a short distance from Dubai is Iran. Right across the gulf, there are shops that deal exclusively in these expensive rugs. Iran (historically known as Persia) is the biggest exporter of Persian Rugs. These rugs are exclusive and each one tells a story in picture and print.

Dubai’s population is mainly Muslim and makes it possible for non-Muslims to learn more about this ancient and fascinating religion and its culture. On Thursdays and Sundays, non-Muslims are welcome to tour the newly-constructed the majestic Jumeirah Mosque on Al Jumeirah Road. It is built in the classical stone architecture with a tower on each side of a massive dome.

Whatever the pleasure or interest, visiting Dubai is certainly a golden opportunity. Ancient wonders mix with chic luxuries to pamper even the most discriminating traveller. Tourism is growing in this Middle Eastern jewel and special travel deals are usually easy to find. It is just impossible to be stressed in such a unique setting.

Dubai Interiors Show 2011

If you want new interior decorating ideas then visit Dubai interiors show 2011 at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 22 to 25.

The 21st edition of Index, Mena’s top interiors and design exhibition, will feature more than 800 exhibitors representing top international brands from 49 countries at its upcoming event in Dubai.

Taking place across 20,000 sq m at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Index 2011 will introduce six product-specific shows including furnishings, inretail, kitchen & bathroom, lighting, outdoor living and textiles.

Organised by dmg :: events, the exhibition will also showcase 20 national pavilions, providing product specification by country.
“The introduction of the product-specific shows solidifies Index’s position as the ‘must attend’ design show for industry professionals from the Mena region,” said Paula Al Chami, event director for Index.

“Based on insights and feedback we received from the market and from our visitors, 68 per cent of the people wanted the show to be product-specific while the remainder wanted to see products split by the manufacturing nation, so we now offer both.”

“We believe this structure will allow exhibitors to effectively present their products and services to the right audience and also make it easier for visitors to navigate throughout our very large exhibition,” she added.

The new product-specific shows at Index will showcase a line-up of top international manufacturers and brands, bringing their latest products, trends and design innovation to this region.

“Visitors to the show can also look forward to the highest number of additional show features the show has ever had,” Al Chami said.

“We are introducing interactive features alongside each of the new product-specific show sectors, generic features, conferences, competitions and panel discussions and CES seminars. With nearly 90 per cent of our visitors looking to Index for networking and inspiration, there will be something in it for everybody,” she added.

Index 2011 will feature a host of events including a kitchen and bathroom show, lighting, an exclusive fashion show, InRetail Summit 2011 – a dedicated conference grouping retail firms, an art gallery, design seminars, a student design challenge event, a Majlis design competition as well as an architecture award and an interior design congress organised by the Association of Professional Interior Designers (Apid).


Ramadan in Dubai 2011

This is the Ramadan (fasting) period in Dubai (01 – 31 August 2011). The fasting hours starts around 8:00am and ends around 4:30pm every day. The time slightly varies depending on the day.

The official 2011 Ramadan calendar is available here.

Important information for travelers and expats

Irrespective of you are a Muslim, non Muslim, expat or a traveler it is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public during fasting hours (not even in your car). You also must maintain a conservative dress code during these hours. Live music is banned and you should avoid noisy entertainment at home or office.

This is the law of Dubai and UAE. There are severe punishments for those who are breaking the law.

Majority of restaurants will be closed during fasting hours. However, major shopping malls in Dubai might have takeaway facilities from the restaurants at their food court. Dine-in facilities will be very rare.

Supermarkets, service stations and similar outlets in the Dubai and UAE are open during the day during Ramadan, and will sell food and drink (but not for consumption on the premises, in your car, or in public).

Fast-food outlets such as KFC, McDonalds operates takeaway counters.

If you are planning a holiday in Dubai then my advice is try to avoid Ramadan period.


How to Save for Your Dubai Vacation

There are many effective ways to save for your Dubai vacation. When you spend 40 hours a week slaving at your job, you deserve to have some time to get away from the rat race, relax, and enjoy with your family.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll need a plan for saving up the money you need. While this may seem like a simple proposition, some people find it difficult to lay aside some money each pay period. The key here is discipline.

Open up a separate savings account specifically meant for your vacation money. If your employer offers direct deposit, you can usually specify a certain amount of money be put into this account. Some banks will schedule an automatic direct transfer to your savings account if you don’t have direct deposit or if you are not able to deposit money into two separate accounts.

Examine the amount of money your family spends weekly or monthly on family entertainment and fast food restaurants. Then reduce that amount, storing the remainder away for your trip. So that a pending vacation doesn’t become a joy-buster, shop around for freebie and reduced-cost entertainment options to enjoy during the months before you depart.

Another good way to save up money is to save your change. When you use cash, resolve to only use paper money. Then take the change you receive and put it aside at the end of every day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it can build up.

One family reported that they kept a “vacation jar” in a convenient place and each family member would deposit change and the occasional dollar bill into it. When they emptied the jar and had it counted, they had managed to save $5,000 – enough for them to enjoy a holiday in Dubai!

While you may not have that much in your change jar, emptying it at vacation time can mean extra spending money or that little boost you need to go on your dream vacation.

Be sure and involve your kids in the saving venture. This is a great time to teach the valuable lessons of saving and budgeting money. Look for other ways to add extra cash to the vacation coffer. One family we know would save aluminum cans and take them into the recycling plant periodically for cash. Throughout the course of a year, they managed to accumulate an extra $1,000 for their vacation in Dubai. This is better than not going for a holiday.

You could have a rummage sale to earn extra vacation cash as well. There are plenty of opportunities out there to add to your vacation savings. You just need to think outside of the box and resolve that any extra cash you get will go toward your Dubai vacation.

You need to budget realistically. Vacations need not be expensive. Budget an amount and stick to it. Set a fixed spending amount ($150 per day, for example). Include all of your expenses, travelling, meals, admissions, special activities, etc.

Involve your children in the process. Share with them that conserving money on one day allows them to go to a water park on another day. Be creative. To save money, you can eat only one meal in a restaurant per day. For the other two, prepare your own food and either eat in the hotel room or have a picnic. Take turns letting the kids choose the type of food—and, if you are really adventurous, the restaurant—each day. This way, the children feel important and it minimizes arguments.

A good point to also keep in mind when determining how much you can afford to spend on a vacation is to be sure that you consider other periodic expenses that may be waiting for you when you return, such as back-to-school costs, holiday expenses and next year’s taxes.

That’s why we highly recommend a separate account for your Dubai vacation savings. That way you have your vacation money separate from your everyday money and won’t have to stress about “robbing Peter to pay Paul” when you get home from your Dubai holiday!

Dubai Foods To Enjoy

Food in Dubai mainly contains traditional Arabic food and some items from India sub-continent. Tourists to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) visiting Dubai for the first time will find many varieties of food in that beautiful emirate. Most of the popular Dubai foods you may have read or heard about are traditional Arabic foods that are also available in other places in the Middle East.

To enjoy as much of the different Dubai foods as you can, it is recommended that you observe the “mezze” when dining. Mezze is that type of dining popular in most cultures in the Middle East, in which the diner tries out several small amounts of different dishes during each course.

Some of the favorite Dubai foods include falafel, hommus, ghuzi, matchbous, the very popular shawarma, and, of course, the equally popular roti.

For those who have not tasted any of these yet, here’s a brief description of each:


This is the Arabic version of French fry. It is prepared by mixing chickpeas and several different spices. It is then deep-fried and made into a cutlet. It is usually served as a side dish.


This is made from chickpeas, which are cooked, mashed, and then mixed with olive oil, tahini (paste made from sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic, and salt. It is served as a spread or dip.


This dish is popularly served in many restaurants in Dubai. It is made of a whole roast lamb served on top of rice mixed with vegetables and nuts. Frequent visitors to Dubai say that a trip there wouldn’t be complete without having tasted this delicious preparation.


This is another very popular Dubai food. It is composed of spiced lamb, tomato stew, and rice. The dish is especially a favorite when served with loomi, a spice made from ripe limes boiled in salt water and dried.


This is probably the most popular food in Dubai. It is made of either lamb or chicken, thoroughly cooked and mixed with fries, tomatoes, pickle, and garlic sauce. The mixed ingredients are then wrapped in a small roti (Arabic bread) and served. Preparation of shawarma may vary from one restaurant to another; hence, its taste too.

While you’re at it, you may want to try any of the special fruit juices prepared in most shawarma stores. One of the favorites is the strawberry-banana blend.


This is a special type of Arabic bread that is a part of most, if not all, of Dubai foods. Roti, which is much like a tortilla in appearance, is traditionally made with plain flour and baked in clay ovens. It usually goes well with matchbous or ghuzi, but is especially tasty with Indian curries.

Three other popular Dubai foods are wara enab (rice-filled vine leaves), tabbouleh (crushed wheat mixed with minced mint and parsley), and haries (lamb cooked very slowly and made tender, and served with wheat).

Of course, dining in Dubai, as in anywhere else, should conclude with a dessert. Some of the favorites are esh asaraya (cream-topped cheesecake), umm ali (bread pudding), and mehalabiya (a pudding sprinkled with bits of pistachios).

Good Restaurants in Dubai

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