Aerial Sightseeing in Dubai

There are three ways for aerial sightseeing in Dubai. Hot air ballooning, Helicopter tours and Seaplanes are the three options currently available in Dubai.

All three options are expensive. But if you can afford to pay then this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Just imagine flying over “The Palm Island”, “The World”, Burj Al Arab and skyscrapers like Burj Dubai.

There are few ways to book these aerial sightseeing tours in Dubai. Here are the places that you can get discounts.

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Dubai Fashion Week 2009 – Success or a Failure?

Dubai fashion week 2009 is well underway. Similar to last year many of the fashion lovers are visiting the show.

However, some are questioning whether the event is a success. Let’s have a look at the designer list this year.

Aartivijay Gupta
Aisha Saim
Anam Sohail
Asma Chapti
Babita Malkani
Beenas & B’jouel
Dona Gilbert
Ekta Singh
Furne One
Georgiana Mascarenhas, Helen de Carvalho & Juliana Bocchese
Hatem Alakeel
Homa Qamar
Irena Trajkova
Kalid Alhajri
Mariam Al Mazro
Michael Cinco
Miss Elegant Noura Al Hashimi brand by Amber Feroz
Najibah Pandor
Natasha Petafi
Rajnish Malhotra
Rima Ashemimry
Salma Khan
Shrekanth Yeddula
Siddartha Tytler
Simone Khambatta & Roma Narsinghani
Tina Bedi
Troy Costa
Walid Atallah
Zaeem Jamal

Some fashion experts are saying that world-class fashion designers are not in the list. But some says the list is not bad.

I am not a fashion expert to make a coment. What do you think about Dubai fashion week 2009?

Australian businessmen have been granted bail in Dubai

Melbourne’s Matt Joyce and Sydney’s Marcus Lee spent nine months in a Dubai jail and finally have been granted bail in the lead-up to their fraud trial, expected to begin next month.

They had been working for Dubai real estate developer Nakheel on the waterfront development when they were arrested. Joyce had been managing director and Lee commercial manager of the development.

The following details were published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Joyce’s solicitor, Martin Amad, says it is the first time an independent judicial officer has looked over the defence material submitted on his client’s behalf.

“[There are] allegations of deception, as part of his employment with Nakheel, and these allegations are vehemently denied by Matt,” he said.

“Now that he’s on bail, he looks forward to joining his wife and three children and obviously spending some quality time with them and also preparing his defence. He’s very, very confident that ultimately he’ll be found innocent of these allegations.”

The men were arrested nine months ago and were charged with fraud in July.

Mr Amad says the charges would not stand up in Australia.

“This is a completely innocent transaction,” he said.

“There’s been a total misunderstanding on behalf of the Dubai prosecution authorities. We believe the granting of bail is indicative of that. It may well be a case of a severe global financial crisis and the effect of that crisis in Dubai. It may be a number of other factors.”

The property market in Dubai suffered during the financial crisis and Mr Amad says his client’s situation is not unique.

“There have been a number of cases of expats residing and working in Dubai who have run foul of the law over there in similar circumstances and in circumstances where they likewise have been found totally innocent of any allegations,” he said.

No one knows what the truth is. I am sure all expats in Dubai will be closely watching the trial and how it will be conducted.

Emirates Online Store

Now you don’t have to fly with Emirates airlines to by in-flight items. They recently opened an online store with full of items.

The only problem is currently they deliver only within the UAE. The good news is they are going to start international delivery very soon.

So if you want to buy Emirates aircraft models or any other item then visit their website.

Dubai Taxi Fares to Go Up?

There is a possibility that the taxi fare in Dubai is going to go up again. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plans a major upgrade of Dubai’s taxi service and is planning to increase the number of cabs on the road. They also are considering the current taxi fares and a potential increase.

How this is going to impact Dubai expats?

This may not create a major impact on expats as most of them are not using taxis. However, this will impact travellers who are coming for holidays in Dubai and expats who are returning back from their vacation as most of them take taxis from the Dubai airport.

Many Dubai expats have told us that public transport is becoming their preferred option to avoid traffic and high taxi fare. But we all know that the Dubai public transport system needs many improvements to cater the large number of commuters.

UNHCHR Delegation Visits Dubai Courts

This is a very interesting news item. A delegation from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (UNHCHR) has made a visit to Dubai Court during its current visit to the UAE.

The purpose of the visit is to discuss the UAE’s commitment in eliminating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

All Dubai expats know that racism is openly practiced in Dubai. One example is the salary, which is depending on your nationality.

In the other hand Dubai is much better compared to other GCC countries, especially Saudi and Kuwait.

The final outcome of this visit is not yet clear. It is very interesting to see whether UAE is willing to comply with UNHCHR regulations or continue to practice its own rules and regulations.

Burj Dubai to be Completed by end of 2009

Emaar Properties has announced that Burj Dubai the world’s tallest building, is on track to be completed later this year. This is definitely going to attract many tourist from all over the world.

Here are few of the amazing features of this building

* Current height is over 800 meters

* The total weight of aluminium used is equivalent to five A380 aircrafts

* 103,000 sq metres of glass used in the cladding panels that can cover 14 standard football pitches

* The total length of gaskets is 2050Kms

This construction has already established many world records. There is a news that Burj Dubai is going to have the world’s first Armani Hotel and Armani Residences.