Dubai Metro Grand Opening

Dubai Metro the luxury rail line was officially inaugurated at exactly 09:09 PM on 09, 09, 2009 by Sheikh Mohammed the ruler of Dubai.

Will the Dubai metro reduce current traffic problems in Dubai? The time will tell us. Below is a video of the grand opening.

Five Dubai Travel Safety Tips

Traveling to Dubai is exciting, fun and exhilarating! You’ll be going to new places, seeing new things, and experiencing new experiences. But traveling (not only Dubai but anywhere in the world) can also put you and your family in the path of all kinds of dangers unless you know what you’re doing and take simple steps to take care of yourself.
Travel Safety Tip #1: Do not put your home address on your luggage tags! Use your business address or rent a box from a mailbox store and use that address.

Mailbox stores will provide you with a street address, and in the event that your luggage is lost, it will be returned to your mailbox store address. Also use covered luggage tags.

Travel Safety Tip #2: Carry important papers and documents such as hotel reservation receipts, contact numbers etc on your person at all times. Do NOT check anything that you can’t afford to lose. Also make photocopies of all of your travel documents. Keep the original with you. Put one set in your luggage and leave one set with a friend or family member.
Travel Safety Tip #3: Make certain that your prescription medications have been properly filled and labeled. Remember that certain prescription medications are forbidden in Dubai, so check for restrictions before you travel. Keep your prescriptions with you at all times.

Travel Safety Tip #4: Do not wear clothing or jewelry that tells others that projects wealth or affluence. Do not wear expensive jewelry or watches. It’s really best to leave jewelry at home or in a safety deposit box. Dubai is a very safe place to travel. The crime rate is next to nothing. But you should not take a chance.
Travel Safety Tip #5: Never travel to Dubai during Ramadan period (fasting season of the Muslims). There are many restrictions during this period including when to consume food. These are legal requirements and you can get in trouble if you don’t follow the rules. This is not a good time to travel.