Air Travel to Dubai with Children

Travelling with children is always a challenge, and air travel with children is one of the bigger challenges, especially if it is a long journey. Do you know it doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and with just a little planning, you can even make flying with children a pleasant experience. Here are some tips.

The trick is to look at the situation from the child’s point of view. The ideal situation is to begin travelling by air with children at the earliest age possible. When children are comfortable in a situation and understand what is going to happen, they are much less fearful.

Children are more comfortable with familiar people and places. Fear of the unknown agitates adults and agitates children even more. If you are about to travel by air with a child who has never travelled by air before, take the time to take him to the airport at least once — and more would be better — so that the airport is a place that he has been before where nothing bad happened.

Prepare the child for his first flight by telling him or reading him stories about flying, especially interesting things about air travel. That will increase child’s curiosity of flying and make them eagerly waiting for the flight. Check with your local library to find age-appropriate materials. There are literally hundreds of books about travel and air travel for children of all ages. You can also find CDs and DVDs on the same subjects.

When did you last had a quality time with your children? Most children value the undivided attention of the adults in their worlds above all other things. Use the flight time to talk to and listen to the child. Just your attention can make a child see air travel as a very good thing.

Keep your expectations within the realm of reality. You are not going to work or snooze while the child sits quietly in his seat and remains perfectly quiet. It isn’t going to happen, so don’t expect it to happen.

Go prepared to entertain the child for the duration of the flight. The bad thing is that children are easily bored, but the good thing is that children are also easily distracted. Pack age-appropriate games and other items that will provide entertainment.
You may also consider buying safety air travel equipment for children. There are many items available in the market ranging from safety belt to safety seats.

Golfing Vacation in Dubai

What makes a great golfing vacation destination, well, great? Is Dubai a good place for a golfing vacation?

Golfers are looking at a great many things when choosing a golfing vacation destination. Perhaps the number one requirement on the list is that there be a lot of golf courses in the general

area and maybe one rather famous one as well, but those are not the only things that golfers use to determine what their golfing vacation destination will be.

The determining factors that golfers use to choose a great golfing vacation destination other than a good variety of really terrific courses (which is, of course, the first requirement) are:

1.  A great setting: You can find good golf courses in many countries, but some of them are located in areas that also provide some beautiful scenery as well. Jebel Ali Golf Club in Dubai is

located in a place surrounded by mountains. This is a perfect place for those who love Golf and nature.

2.  Other attractions and activities: Golfers DO golf, but they don’t golf 24/7. Many golfers travel with their families, and so they want to choose an area that offers more than JUST a great

golf course. Dubai Creek Golf club is an ideal example in this category. This world famous Golf course is conveniently located in the heart of the Dubai CBD.

3.  Quality accommodation options nearby: Golfers want comfortable and safe hotel accommodations for themselves and their families.

4.  Good weather conditions for Golf

5. Easy travel: Golfers look for easy travel to and from a great golfing destination, but also easy travel within the area.

Dubai does not offer many golf courses. However, the few golf courses in Dubai are well appreciated by world champions such as Tiger Woods.