What Does it Take to be a Business Analyst in Dubai?

Having observed a multitude of job profiles and the way of functioning in corporations round the globe, it might be quite conspicuous that same profiles have different roles and responsibilities associated with them. One such job profile to consider is that of a business analyst. It’s true that the career path of a business analyst differs from company to company. But, on the other hand, it’s also true that the profile stands as one of the most lucrative avenues an individual can opt for.

Building on the same line of thought, what better combination can it be to blend the most lucrative job profile with the most profitable destination on the globe! Yes, Dubai- an emirate that harbors a plethora of skilled professionals from different nationalities offers the best employment options for aspiring business analysts in the world. All you need is to work on the areas mentioned below and you’ll make it to this exotic emirate, before you know!


The Skills to Tap the Market with Efficient Business Analysis

This is the prime requirement for you to excel in an environment as competitive as Dubai’s. Right from the best documentation and writing expertise, being a business analyst you’ll be expected to curate clear and concise documents according to varying specifications. In addition to this, your analysis skills need to be at par with industry standards too. You’ll be expected to observe gaps and loopholes and identify the future impact of a new solution or change you introduce to optimize every step of the business cycle.

Not to forget, a sharp hand at visual modelling to devise a work-flow prototype for any given analyst role is a rudimentary in Dubai too. Business analyst tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Enterprise Architect are essential too. Make sure you’ve tried your hand at these before getting on your flight to Dubai.


The Soft Skills You Need To Hone

Goes without saying that being a good communicator is an essential part of your skills-set as a business analyst. Dubai is home to a plethora of personnel coming from different countries, hence the need to communicate your organization’s business idea remains an imperative part of the profile. This also requires for you to be an impeccable to relationship manager. Right from forging strong links with clients and stakeholders, Dubai requires business analysts who have the ability to step into leadership roles and get the job done, with minimal effort.

Moreover, chances are that people coming from different backgrounds will perceive your business techniques and ideas in a different way.  Make sure you have a skin thick enough to take feedback and criticism, and come up with an efficient approach to deal with challenges pertaining to work efficacy.

This accompanied with sufficient planning skills to make the right pick amongst employees, once the idea for a project is approved is also quite significant. All of these often go astray if not coupled with agility and flexibility to adapt to various situations pertaining to the project. Flexibility is quite indispensable for you to be an enigmatic business analyst in Dubai.

It’ not only about securing the best qualification, but about something much bigger to notice. Being a business analyst it’s your duty to spot all necessary skills required for efficacious functioning. This ensured, Dubai will offer the most comfortable professional life for you to enjoy, lavishly!


Job in a Cruise Ship: What it Entails

With thousands of people opting for cruise ships to travel around the world, cruising has grown up to become one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism in the world. Simultaneously as you might read the article, there’ll be 40 cruise liners built in some corner of the world, waiting for people to get on board.

An interesting fact to note is that in spite of a plethora of career opportunities being taken up by professionals in shipping industry abroad, the room for talented individuals never seems to die up.

Building on the same line of thought, the article will talk about securing a job in the shipping industry in any corner of the world, along with certain idiosyncrasies associated with the same.


Getting Employed on a Cruise Ship

Needless to state that be it any form of job hunting, more the number of recruiters you contact, more are the chances of you making the cut with ease. This includes registering yourself on all prominent job-search websites and applying to as many cruise lines and agencies you can. However, for this to happen smoothly, it’s imperative that you are up to the mark with your homework and have targeted companies that are in sync with skills you possess.

Though, a multitude of 18 year olds manage to score a job in cruise liners, but a lot of cruise companies are reluctant to hire individuals below the age of 21, as for certain area like bars and casinos that’s the minimum age criteria.


Pay Attention to ‘Details’

Before taking any step forth, it’s quite significant for you to ascertain the correct address of the division pertinent to the kind of work you seek. It is quite essential to address your application to the relevant department (to the concerned person as well), as the chances of a speculative application making it to the correct department are quite meagre.

When getting acquainted with the details, ask for specifics like the name and job title of the person to whom the application has to be sent. Plus, you may also know that cruise line office are caught with loads of work year long, so unsolicited telephone calls might not work in your favor. However, to blurt it out in practical terms, in a lot of cases, making a call might be the only viable option to procure the name and necessary details. In such a case calling at off-hours is the hack that works, as the person answering such communication is more approachable. Remember, that such personnel might not have the slightest of bearing on your hiring prospects and your utmost priority should be getting the details of the person concerned with the same.


The Right Drill to Apply

Having been sure about the contact details of your targeted employer, it’s time to present your details in the most professional manner. Build your resume in the most concise and efficient way, along with enclosing letters from references, also include a recent photograph to keep your application complete.

You might also notice certain companies sending you an official form to fill. In such a case add whatever additional details that deem fit to the job role, along with experiences that demonstrate your skills and expertise in the field.

A follow-up telephone call is always healthy, as long as it’s kept subtle. However, company files in cruise line companies are renewed on a regular basis. So if you haven’t been contacted for a period of six months or more, it’s always preferable to send a fresh application and follow the procedure again.


Without a doubt, it is one of the most fun employment avenues to put your efforts in. Plus, scoring a job is a child’s play too, considered that you’ve kept the aforementioned under due consideration. So without further ado, get going. The sea across the globe awaits your presence.


Airline Jobs: Emerging Career For the Young Expat Women

The expatriate populace in the Middle East thrives in a very dynamic environment and strives really hard to adjust to the altogether changed lifestyle. However, life is a little different for an expat woman as the fairer sex has a little more demands and needs than the male herd. Taking into consideration the culturally oppressive nature of the countries, you may find performing in a particular career with full dedication and independence a little tough. However, regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have broken down the notion and offering a very broader and flourishing platforms for women to perform.

Out of all, there is one career domain that has got popularity in the recent times and that is the Airline Industry. There are a number of jobs that the industry offers that are both high-paying and offers abundant of professional exposure.

Let us explore some of the rewarding airline jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities for women:

  1. Air Hostess

If you dream about flying high in the sky and experience the world from heights then being an Air Hostess can be the best deal of your life. If you are a woman who has the right physical statistics and adequate educational qualifications then you can easily get into this profession. The job opportunity can yield better results if the professional chooses to work in flourishing economies like that of Dubai or any other upbeat Middle East’s regions. Being an air hostess can be a luxury as you will get a chance to have excellent discounts from car hire, to restaurants, clothing shops and even beauticians.

  1. Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot is counted amongst the most rewarding airline job opportunities in Dubai. The job role is extremely flexible and offers excellent work/life balance. These professionals are required to work for specific amount of days in given months and then they can have a long break later on. The remuneration earned by the pilots depends upon the organization they are associated with. There are a number of flights that takes up the route from Dubai to different parts of the world. If you are a pilot who is working in the city of Dubai then you will definitely have a hand over a good pay package as well as a better life.

  1. Operating Engineers

The operating engineers are the ones who earn and flourish a lot in the airline industry of Dubai. As an operating engineer, you will be required to take care of the complex air designing and engineering designs that goes with it. Moreover, these engineers belong to niche domain and hence professionals of high experience or fresh talents from good colleges are accepted here. Moreover, if you are into this profession then you can have the perk of travelling at a very lower cost or sometimes free as well.

  1. Back-Office Professionals

There are a range of back-office professionals working in Human Resources, Administration or General Maintenance. The job roles in this area are all rewarding and are high-paying. Apart from this, the professionals get to work in a very livable environment and the policies that support flexibility as well. This way expat women can have an easy time working here in Dubai or any part of the Middle East that have a flourishing corporate culture.

  1. Cabin Crew

Gone are the days when cabin crew was considered to be a shop-floor level of job role. Nowadays, cabin crew has undergone a change and people are getting a good remuneration these days. Just like men, women are also joining the same bandwagon. The women professionals are getting better pay packages, work/life balance and an excellent lifestyle.


Top 5 Healthcare Companies To Work For in Dubai

UAE pharmaceutical industry the second largest in the world and therefore, the employment market here has a lot of job opportunities for the local as well as expatriates. Moreover, the UAE has recorded the highest annual sales per capita on medicines in the GCC from last 3 consecutive years. The encouraging data is also a result of the tremendous support from the government’s side to raise the position of the healthcare industry on the global landscape. Further, market demographics and flourishing economy of the GCC has also enabled the noteworthy growth of the sector and has ensured high remuneration as well.


Here is a list of top 5 companies based out in Dubai that every medical/healthcare professional, native or expat, can look up to:

  1. Johnson & Johnson Middle East

Johnson & Johnson and its branches in different parts of the Middle East is a huge source of high-paying employment opportunities. The company has a swanky facility in the Dubai health care city area and houses thousands of employees who work towards formulating quality and world class products. Johnson & Johnson manufactures healthcare and optical products for its consumers and has a huge global presence. Healthcare professionals, new or experienced can have a successful stint here and get good pay package as well.

  1. Alchemist Healthcare LLC

Alchemist Healthcare LLC is a UAE based healthcare company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Healthcare MENA Limited. Apart from a huge headquarter in Dubai, the company has 21 facilities in 4 major GCC cities and is known to be a huge employment source for one and many. Alchemist has specially equipped hospitals, medical centers, specialist clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. This is actually a great chance for the local or expat medical professional to try hands at having a high-paying pharma job in Dubai.

  1. Sanofi Aventis UAE

Another company that is known at a global level and is said to offer healthcare professionals, an array of pharma jobs in UAE is Sanofi Aventis. The company has a state-of-the-art R&D department, a world-class range of medicines and is also specialized in marketing innovative therapeutic solutions. Sanofi is renowned on a global level and is said to offer some of the best-paying jobs to both national as well as expatriates who visit Dubai for a better life. Apart from offering jobs to experienced professionals, Sanofi Aventis offers corporate opportunities to trainees and interns as well.

  1. Novo Nordisk Pharma Gulf

Novo Nordisk is one of the well-known healthcare companies that work with an aim to cure diabetes, ultimately. The healthcare firm is located in different parts of the world and has an equipped facility in the United Arab Emirates. As for the employment, the opportunities are bright and are high-paying as well. The job roles are into research & development, IT, sales, and many other flourishing fields. Apart from this, professionals can also have the chance to relocate to different countries and work remotely from there. Students and graduates can also be a part of the globally acclaimed healthcare firm.

  1. Astra Zeneca

The professionals who want to try their hands at some of the high-paying jobs in the healthcare field can approach Astra Zeneca. The company is stationed in more than 100 countries and has a growing presence in important emerging markets. Astra Zeneca Leading global healthcare company providing offers medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology for bioscience, medication delivery and renal to its consumers. Professionals or job aspirants who want to make a career into healthcare firms can approach the company.


Dubai has a flourished economy and the industries operating here are progressing. With growing demand of skilled workforce in its healthcare domain, an expat or the local can have the chance to grab the best of employment roles that are satisfying as well as high-paying too.


5 Lesser Known Factors That Makes ‘Teaching’ a Favored Career Option

Teachers are indeed the most influential people considered all around the world. These professionals shape the future of the young generation thriving in any part of the world. Students all around the world, studying at any level of education can have a positive life under the aegis of their teachers. Moreover, the young students and their entire personal as well as professional grooming is something is dependent upon the education earned and preaching inculcated. There is something really fascinating about this profession apart from all the perks, ofcourse.

Here are some of the factors that make the Teaching Profession, the most loved one:

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one factor that makes ‘Teaching’ as one of the most preferred one. Teachers, male or female, experience a high satisfaction level while working in this very career field. According to a study done by Harvard Economists, teaching is one of the preferred career options in the global employment market and is also one of the most influential ones too. For women, this profession is considered an apt job role as there is very less stress as compared to other good-paying jobs in the world.

  1. Rewarding

Teaching, as a profession can be extremely rewarding as there is a lot of flexibility and the ownership of work done belongs to the teacher only. The growth in this career is fast and if the professional is teaching in a government body then even the remuneration is more than satisfying and balanced as per the protocols adopted.

Apart from this, this profession is mentally rewarding too as thousands of lives are shaped and built under the guidance of teachers. This very reality offers immense mental satisfaction to the person who is into this career.

  1. Integration With New Generation

A classroom is a place where the teacher interacts with students of different age, sex and background. Teachers not only impart lessons but also connect with the students as well, mentally and spiritually. The spiritual connection has also been proved to help students in solving some of their perplexing issues. The relationship between teacher and a student is built upon preaching, understandability and a good amount of trust.

  1. Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-cultural communication is one aspect that takes the teacher’s experience to a very next level and also helps students to mix well with students to different backgrounds and culture. For instance, in conservative country like the Middle East, a professional can have a different experience while working as a teacher in city like Dubai. Teachers do away with this responsibility with ease and are given ample opportunities to explore the world and impart knowledge; this makes this profession even more wonderful. There are opportunities like being a guest teacher, lecturer or a professor in a different community of a foreign nation.

  1. Higher level of Autonomy

Teaching offers a very high degree of freedom to the professionals and this adds to the given advantages to the career. While required classes within a school or a college mandates courses that teachers are expected to follow; it is the teacher who decide how the same will be met within the deadline. Teaching is one such job that offers an individual with this bigger room to be creative and autonomous each day.

Teaching is a creative job and at the same time it is high-paying as well. However, the above advantages overpower the monetarily perk; thereby making Teaching jobs, one of the most preferred career options.


Has Education Field In Dubai “Turned Over a New Leaf” ?

The education field in the Dubai employment market is oozing with good opportunities. Moreover, the field is known to offer jobs that are quite stress free and are also considered to be popular amongst those who want a rewarding career. In the recent times, there has been a major wave generated in the education domain of Dubai and the so-called “hidden job market player” has finally come into the lime light. You can safely consider the fact that the education jobs in Dubai are fast gaining popularity amongst people of both the sexes and those facing tough times managing home and work life.

There are reasons behind expatriates and natives choosing education jobs in Dubai. We bring you the points here:

  1. Low Stress Job Role

Practically speaking, there is nothing like ‘low-stress’ or ‘stress-free’ job role. If there is a need to earn well and survive in this big bad world, then a little stress is obvious. The maximum working hours that one has to put in hardly exceeds 5 hours or the very entity varies according to the level of classes taken up; college or school. Whatever the case be, teaching jobs are widely considered as low stress career option with good pay and perks to enjoy.

  1. Ideal for the Fairer Sex

Well the common notion that a woman has to be adjusting and able enough to handle the work-life both do exist in developed cities like Dubai. The perks, holidays and the option of flexible timings make career in education field ideal for women and girls. Moreover, the job role will offer you benefits like 5-6 months of maternity paid leaves, options for teachers and professors to choose subjects other than their specialization. The benefits offered in here makes it best career choice for all you ladies out there.

  1. Sit At Home & Earn

If you are an experienced teacher/professor or someone into this job role, then you can actually earn from home as well. A teacher or a professor builds his good will during his career only and this good will pays off later. You can maintain that very image and students will be there at your doorstep for your guidance. With this, new moms and people who can’t make it out in colleges or schools for job can now sit relaxed at home and still earn huge bucks.

  1. Not Just Teaching But Much More

Career choices in the education field are not merely restricted to being a teacher but there is lot more attached to it now. You can be a part of administration, marketing or even the human resources department. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to be a part of stressful corporate world but still want to be into high-profile job roles then education domain will be your deal. Dubai pays off really well in all the job fields and when it comes to education then per capita income soars really high.

  1. High Income Levels

Education jobs in Dubai are counted amongst the high-paying jobs in the city’s employment market. If you are a part of public sector then the pay will be standardized as per the governmental policies and if there is a case of a private college then also one can expect a good pay. There are big corporations, catering to different domains, generously fund them. So, you can definitely expect fortunes if you are already there or planning to be a part of the education domain in the dynamic city of Dubai.


Dubai is ready to pay you well and offer you a good standard of life style. The cost of living is a little expensive but still nothing can beat the good life and a high per capita income that job options in Dubai offer.


Dubai Employment Market: The Best-Paying Marketing Jobs of Tomorrow

If you are a person with a penchant for working in a creative field and that too in a flourishing economy where you will be paid for your innovative ideas; then move towards the central part of Asia, Dubai. The employment market on a global basis has become more practical and technological in nature. This simple means that there are enough opportunities for people from the technology or research field. However, there are hopes and that too brighter for all you creative people out there as there are domains like marketing, advertising etc. thriving in this environment.

Marketing is one field that has the potential to offer some of the best-paying and creative job opportunities for professionals as well as fresh aspirants, both. If you are a marketing graduate with a professional degree or an experienced professional, marketing field can satiate your hunger more, easily and completely.

Let us mine over some of the best marketing jobs of tomorrow:

  1. Content Marketing

For any business that deals in internet marketing or seeks to have a reputation in the online space, content is one thing that can’t be ignored, at all. If you are a part of the content marketing team, stay happy as your role is important to the overall business as the ideas that you generate can actually turn the buyers in to repeat buyers. Anyways, the global employment market asks for better communication professionals, like all the time. The content marketing field is niche, demands good communicators and thus, you will definitely get paid excellently.

  1. Communication Officer

The job of a communication officer is dynamic and requires a lot of research on the company’s or brand’s mission as well as business goals. If you are a good communicator and someone who can pen down the company’s agendas and mission/vision clearly for the clients as well as the outer world, then this profile will be suitable for you. Working in Dubai may give you a lot of inter-cultural experiences; therefore, the role will require you to have a thorough knowledge of culture, language and people as a whole.

  1. International Marketing Jobs

Dubai is a country that is known to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. The city is a paradise for expats and the powerful economy satiates their every second demand related to salary and professional growth. As a part of the international marketing team, you may be required to devise strategies that can capture audience’s attention belonging to different cultures, markets and channels. If you are an MBA or an experienced professional in the digital marketing field, then sky is the limit for you. As a marketer in the mentioned domain, you can earn better and grow as a specialized in a city like Dubai.

  1. E-commerce Marketing Jobs

There is a tremendous demand for marketing professionals who can take up the challenging e-commerce projects. A business who is working in the competitive online world looks out for hybrid professional who know traditional as well as the newer marketing techniques. So, what are you waiting for? If you have the best of marketing skills in you then go for some of the best paying opportunities related to the same in the dynamic city of Dubai.

  1. Market Research Jobs

The department is actually the corporate investment driver and asks for professionals who can extract information about potential corporations and disguised competitors. With this, the marketers will be able to devise significant strategies. Market research is a vast field that incorporates data mining skills and research capabilities. This may sound technological task; however, this can be creative as you may be required to dig out information using best of abilities and online tools.

  1. Brand Professionals

Brand department is all about making use of techniques to position own company or the brand on a new level. This may include social networking, advertising, search engine marketing. This is a creative job role and may use up your mind set to improvise the legacy protocols and come up with new ideas to sell out the brand. If you communicate in a crisp way and know how to write the company’s goals and data for a given audience; then go ahead and join the world of Branding.

Dubai is moving towards economic diversification and in such scenarios; a lot of companies are stationing their branches here. These firms are obviously looking out for people who have communication skills and a keen urge to be a part of the dynamic marketing world. on top of all this, you are expected to receive a good pay and a fine standard of living.


Banking Industry, Dubai: A Deep Probe on Industry Scenario and Job Opportunities in 2014

The Banking sector of Dubai has quiet been under the effects of the macroeconomics numbers of the UAE. The gone by quarter of 2013 has not been favorable for the operating banks in Dubai; despite advent of many foreign banks displaying interest in opening their branches in here.

However, globally recognized auditors like Moody’s and Deloitte are convinced through their researches and studies that the Banking sector has moved towards growth path and display an ambitious outlook in the upcoming quarters of 2014.

Let us a deep probe into the Banking sector of Dubai, UAE and reveal factors behind the UAE’s Bank growth trajectory.

The Banking Industry in Dubai: A Snapshot

The Banking Industry in Dubai, a prospering city in UAE, is highly affected by the macro economical entities of the country. As per the hard facts, there are a total of roughly 25 local banks and 30 foreign banks that are operating in the UAE. The total combined network of the banks operating in the UAE sums up to 650 branches.

The economy of the UAE was never this good but with the timely intervention of the government, the focused sectors like Travel and Real Estate witnessed a quick boost. Thereby, the fiscal situation of the UAE is now unmatched and possess an enviable stature. Apart from this, the government also injected a good share of liquidity into the financial institutions, which has actually normalized the dark effects of turbulent economic situations.

Government Initiative for UAE Bank Network’s Facelift

Digging the proven dark quarters for UAE’s economy, which was from 2009-2010, the economy was marred by the sharp hit of recession. The profitability of the banking sector suffered a lot and year-on-year comparatives in Q1 2010 showed disappointing figures. However, as they say “It’s better late than never”, government immediately started directing initiatives towards economic diversification so that the Banking domain can also flourish.

The government initiative has elevated the drooping condition of the banking domain to such an extent now that the UAE has now the highest degree of financial intermediation and aggregate asset numbers. The banking sector has the highest penetration in the UAE and that can be seen in the relatively developed banking infrastructure.

Some of the latest initiatives involve UAE government incurring in AED120 billion for banks stationed in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Such initiative will definitely provide a short term liquidity relief and thus there will be assurance that banks in Dubai successfully meet their current funding requirements.

Apart from this, there are several big global banks, enchanted by the prospering economy of Dubai, who have proposed of stationing their branches in here. This has not only increased the UAE’s brand value but has also paved a way for flourishing Banking Industry with a gamut of high-paying employment opportunities.

Let us analyze the banking sector in Dubai, now:

The Dubai Banking Industry: A Positive 2014 Outlook

  1. Research by the Moody’s

The industry experts are assured on the basis of their studies that the Banking Industry is on its way to prosperity at even a higher degree in the upcoming quarters of 2014. As per a report by globally recognized investors service corporation, Moody’s, commissioned in the last quarter of 2013, it is being reflected that 2014 is going to see a stable banking industry. The report owes the success of the industry to the improved operating environment and the flourishing real estate sector. It has been predicted by the experts that UAE will witness real GDP growth by 3.7% in 2014 owing to following reasons:

  • Encouragement to the growth of private sector
  • Signs of recovery in the diversified private as well as the legacy public sector

Apart from the GDP growth, these factors will also support credit growth of 7%-10% in the upcoming quarters of 2014.

  1. Foreign Banks Opening Branches in Dubai, UAE

There are numerous known global banks, such as MCB bank, State Bank of Pakistan, HBL, to name a few, who are opening their branches in the flourishing country of UAE. There are other banks that are eyeing Dubai for stationing their branches owing to an excellent fiscal scenario. These banks have a sole aim of meeting the banking requirement of global clients in UAE & other parts of the world and also interest in expanding their foreign bank network. Since, Dubai is recognized as one of the favorable destinations for trade and also for businessmen; therefore, it would be easier for businessmen to avail the facility to open letter of credit through these global banks. Hence, Dubai will gain popularity amongst expats and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The positive outlook is also going to be advantageous for job seekers and professionals interested in grabbing a high-paying banking job in Dubai.

UAE Employment Market: Is It the Next Big Source of Bank Jobs?

Robert Half’s salary guide for 2014 clearly states that the Banking industry has started its journey towards a steady rise throughout Dubai and other major cities in the UAE like Abu Dhabi and Doha. There are global banks have decided and are currently realigning their business structures, with major focus on headcount investment into their most money-making product lines.

Apart from this, the fact that there are international banks who have already structured or are planning to station their branches in here, has already started creating ripples in the Dubai job market. The guide reveals a hard fact that UAE and its major cities are actually eyeing upon skilled expatriates from different parts of the world, especially Asian and European labor market.

A Verdict

Apart from the much known Real Estate and Construction domain, it’s the Banking sector that is on a high these days and is expected to incur in upturns in economy and job market of Dubai and the UAE as a whole in 2014.


Can Career Shift Relieve a Woman’s Work-Life Worries?

Life of a woman is full of challenges and every stage of her life bespeaks a story of courage, taking risks and overcoming fears. If she personifies beauty then on the other had she is a fierce lioness, capable of face risks that she may stumble upon on a daily basis. The severity of challenges and situations changes with leap a woman makes in her life that places her into altogether a different stage of life. Let us explore the concern from an elaborate perspective:

Life of a 21st Century Woman: The Challenges Explored

The 21st century is said to be led by the power and influence of the fairer sex, which is independent, working and highly balanced. However, things change when the soft shoulders of a woman starts getting burdened with onus of a family, kids and elders. A life that’s completely different from what was been led before. Stress and extra responsibilities creep in and this takes a toll on the career and dreams of a free woman.

The main challenge that a working woman may face is maintaining a perfect equilibrium of work and personal time. This is a noble goal that every individual strive to achieve but the situation is stiff for women as there are other important things that she needs to see. At the cross-roads, there are two options left with the individual; quitting the job or changing the career altogether.

Which turn of the road to choose? Quitting may seem easy but career change is not a bad idea as well.  Let us see how taking either of the decisions can impact a woman’s life. The discussion here will also offer a guide path of effectively achieving a work-life balance, the ‘lady of house’ has dreamt of.

Life-Changing Decisions

Decisions related to career can actually be life changing one as work is the center focus of one’s life.  Travelling through ages, the world has evolved so much but the notion “Male member should be the ‘bread winner’ and woman is the home-maker” hasn’t. At one point of time, a situation arises where the working woman has to choose between a healthy family and a successful career; wherein usually the former is considered.

Quitting the job is the only option that is left in front of them and then a break in career is observed for a longer period of time. Companies nowadays tolerate a set number of years or months of break in professional history; therefore, number of months beyond the set limit can trim down the chances of getting selected by an employer. Moreover, thinking about remaining updated and staying abreast of changing trends is out of question personal responsibilities occupy the daily schedule.

This may seem quiet selfish to some but compromising completely on career can be a foolish decision unless the situation is extremely tough. Not pondering enough before taking a decision can be devastating and can change a woman’s life for bad. How about a career change? Or How about a full-time profile in a company that offers a great deal of flexibility in working style? For all the women out there, here’s a map to a ‘Good Life’.

Female Professionals Can Now Have a ‘Good Life’

Beyond salaries, perks and praises, there are other things that a woman wants and it is a career where she remains happy and has relaxed personal life as well. Nowadays, the companies have gone global and clients are demanding. The work environment these days is such that staying at office late sounds like a general practice. In such cases, the life of a female professional is hugely affected and the peace at home starts diminishing.

In such cases, making a shift in the career is the best option rather than backing off completely from the professional arena. A female professional can make her life good by choosing a job role that is less tiring and not demanding as well. Moreover, the change in the career will be at her midlife stage and the career paradigm will also be different; therefore, choosing a job role wisely becomes important. Here are few job roles that fit into a woman’s busy life, right in:

  1. Teaching: The work involves limited hours and perks are excellent. Shifting to this domain is easy as the profile accepts people with good communication skills and professional experience is often considered good for courses that require analyzing case studies.
  2. Content Writers/Authors: The work involves 9 hours however, companies do offer work from home facility as the data is not sensitive. The job role is less stressful as the resources for content can be fetched from world web.  Women can think about shifting to this career as this requires an averagely good writing skills and speaking skills. Rest of the skills can be brushed up while on the go!
  1. Front Desk Professionals: Front desk job roles like that of a receptionist or attendants can be a good option for women who are at executive level and are burdened with responsibilities. Generally, such profiles have 2-3 professionals and involve working in shifts. The job is stress-free as this involves merely attending clients and maintaining database of visitors. A shift in such a job role can be easy as the lady professional is expected to have a pleasing personality and a good art of speaking.
  1. Librarian: A survey done by a known job site, published on the prestigious TIME in the first quarter of 2014, the job of a librarian is listed amongst the top 10 least stressful jobs. The job role involves managing books and attending the readers is what librarian has to do. Apart from this, managing database is also a part of the job role. Making a career shift in this role is easier as female professionals can fit right in and relevant experience is seldom asked for.
  1. A Small Business at Home: The working class nowadays is realizing the fact that doing something on one’s own is better than being referred as a ‘corporate slave’. While working in a firm, a professional gains enough expertise into client handling and managing huge volume of work. Starting a business at home will not only offer a woman a chance to stay with family but will also source of motivation for her. This requires absolutely no great deal of career shift logic. If a woman understands the market and customer sentiments, sky is the limit for her.
  1. FreeLancer:  A little different concept from making a complete career shift, being a freelancer can be enriching from life’s point of view and there are job profiles that can be changed to completely freelance profile. Apart from this, there are women professionals who leave their full-time stressful job and opt for freelance profiles like writing, consultancy etc. This involves easy career shift as this concept can be applied in many job roles.

Countries Are Donning A New Look Too!

Developed countries have companies stationed that operate in a democratic way and think about the people. However, there are countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia where companies operate on strict employment laws and flexibility has been given no space. Even making a career change used to appear difficult as the employee contracts won’t let you quit that easily and move in a direction that a working professional may think about.

In the recent times, the face of the companies located in these countries has changed and now the employee contracts have now become less stringent so that employees; especially women can have freedom to adjust their personal lives well and can quit to go for a favorable career change. Now, a woman who is into a good paying job in the UAE or connected federation can also have a life of their own and importantly decisions of their own.

Finally, It’s the Emotional Support That Matters

No matter how many profiles a working woman digs out for making a favorable career shift, if there is lack of emotional support from the friends and acquaintances the decision can turn into a bad one. More than professional perks, a career shift is about getting emotional reward at all facets.

A working woman who decides to make a career shift may be leaving a good paying job to go for a least stressful but low paying employment opportunity. This may hurt someone but there will be people who will support the decision. It’s always good to be with positive people as they can pave a way for you to grow and flourish in the new endeavor.

Last Words

There is a difference between a job change and a career change. A career change can be a big crucial decision as it involves shifting to a new paradigm, job profile and domain altogether. A working woman play roles of a mother, sister, wife and what not and simultaneously holds a responsible position at workplace as well. A good choice backing the decision of career change can be both enriching and advantageous from all aspects.


Moving to Dubai, Living in Dubai: Tips to Consider

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, ranks as one of the leading world-class tourist, educational, entertainment and commercial destinations in the region. Many people are attracted to the city for the impressive career opportunities, which is why Dubai attracts so many from around the world.

According to Emirates247.com, expatriates account for over 88.5% of the total population based on a study from the National Bureau of Statistics. If you’re considering a move to Dubai from the U.S., here are five tips to consider:

Visit First

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s imperative to visit first before making the big move. Allow yourself at least two weeks to familiarize yourself with various areas of the city to help you decide which area suits best. Consider renting a flat instead of staying at a hotel to get a more local feel for Dubai. Use this trip to research everything you can to ensure a smooth transition after you move. This is the perfect opportunity to find housing and meet with your employer.

According to Justlanded.com, over 70% of Dubai citizens rent their homes, but the rental market can be very competitive. It’s helpful to hire a real estate professional to assist you with housing. Many employers will cover real estate services as part of the moving expenses, so be sure to ask your employer if they do. Use this visit to meet with a Dubai realtor and tour a few options.

Store Important Items

One of the toughest parts of moving around the world is determining what to take and what to leave — and packing it all up. Depending on the planned duration of your stay, go through your home making piles of things to throw out, donate, sell, store and take with you. Take this into consideration when it comes time to pack, as you can always buy essentials when you arrive. Find an affordable storage facility, such as Cubesmart’s storage units, and store items you want to save at home, such as large furniture, keepsakes and other items.

Consult a Tax Professional

According to the IRS, “Your worldwide income is subject to U.S. income tax, regardless of where you reside.” This means that expatriate Americans are required to pay taxes in the U.S. and any other country you reside in. Dubai is widely considered a tax haven as the United Arab Emirates doesn’t enforce a federal tax on income, so you won’t have to worry about having your income taxed twice.

However, there are plenty of other taxes, such as those on property, food and alcohol. For assistance managing your fiscal responsibilities at home and abroad, the U.S. Consulate to Dubai recommends consulting with a tax professional who has experience in international accounting.

Establish Goals

Write down a few goals for your time in Dubai. Do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to conquer your fear of heights visiting the observation deck atop the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world? Whatever the goals might be, write them down and plan how to accomplish them. The simple act of writing down your goal helps to make you accountable, provide focus and increase your motivation to achieve it.

Experience It All

As stated by ExpatYourself.com, seasoned expatriates Nicole and Cameron Wears suggest obvious, yet imperative advice: “Get out and experience as much as you can. Eat foods that you never thought you would, visit temples and museums, speak with the locals, try to learn the language, and most importantly, push your comfort zone to the limit.” Be sure to explore all of the tourist attractions so you know what’s worth seeing and avoiding when friends and relatives come to visit.

This article provided to us by our guest writer Daljit Singh. He isoOriginally from India, Daljit has been enjoying his life of travel since age 4. He has visited 30 countries and written travel stories about 25 of them.