How to Find Bilingual positions in Dubai?

Arabic is the main language in Dubai. However, there are many expatriates are working in Dubai. Therefore bilingual positions in Dubai are in demand. So how to find a highly paid bilingual job? Read on...

Most of the bilingual positions are available in government offices in Dubai. The main reason is the there are more UAE nationals are working in government offices than the private sector. If you are fluent in Arabic and English then you can find a very good job in Dubai.

Guaranteed method to get a bilingual position in Dubai

Dubai Job Secrets e-book is by far the best information, tips and strategies source to get a good job in Dubai.

Other methods

There are few other ways that you can try to get bilingual positions in Dubai. Here are the stepsÖ

First register (free) in Bayt and search for available positions. This is the fastest way to get a bilingual position in Dubai. Use the below search box provided by Bayt to register and search jobs.

The second option is to directly contact Dubai government offices. Here is how to do it.

Visit . Type the word Government in the business name/keyword box. Select Dubai from the Region drop-down list. Click Find button.

At the very top of the search results you should be able to see something similar to below

Government (42)

Click on this and you will get contact details of Dubai government offices.

Prepare a short list and contact them directly. Please donít just fax your resume. Try to contact a person in the Human Resource department and market yourself. Explain what you can do for them and then fax or email your resume. Donít forget to follow-up periodically.

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